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Do you believe somebodies trash is somebodies treasure?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) August 6th, 2010

Would you stop and pick up something out of the trash? Like a couch, bar stool, anything? It seems to be popular around here. I bought a new diningroom table and brought my old out to the trash and it was snapped up two seconds later. So I guess that’s true that saying.

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Of course. For some, that table may provide where they have none. Or, perhaps a project is at hand. It is the best recycling, both for physical and mental reasons. I encourage everyone to do what you have done. Thank you, @Frenchfry.

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I am always amazed at what people in my area throw away especially in the kids department. Also is one of the best ideas I have seen on the internet…you can get rid of and get just about anything FOR FREE! Best part is it is not going to a land fill anytime soon!

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Have you ever seen American Pickers on TV? It’s great. I’ve trash picked a few cool things in my days.

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Years ago, a friend said, “Come on; we’re going on a ‘dumpster dive’. He would drive around apartment complexes on the last day of the month and scavenge for items that people moving out leave for the bin collectors.

e-Bay is a prime example. People sell stuff there all the time that has value to the purchaser, whether a collector or someone just buying it for sentimental reasons.

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Absolutely. Less waste goes to the landfill.

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NO! I do however,believe this”:,dammit! XD

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Yes,and depends on the trash.

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Always. I leave half-way decent stuff on the grassy verge at the end of my dirt road. It disappears quickly. (sombody’s).

When I was living in Philly, we dropped things at our curb.

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Most definitely. My life is pretty much filled with odds and ends that some other people would see as trash, but I see has quirky or something. I haven’t actually taken people’s trash before, but I would gladly if I saw something I liked. :P

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Yes. A couple of years ago, I saw two old looking wooden tables in the trash. They looked nice, so I took them home. A few weeks later, I took them to an antique dealer and he paid me $500 for each one, which means they were actually worth around $1,000 to $1,500 on the antique market.

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I just think my old shirts are some poor person’s newer shirts. It saddens me.

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