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What's the creepiest thing your SO has said to you but somehow got the point across that they love you?

Asked by ru2bz46 (6743points) August 6th, 2010

Sometimes, a very sweet loving statement, if taken out of context, can sound rather odd, perhaps even downright scary.

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For example, my fiancee said to me this morning as I was getting out of bed, “I want to make a dress from your skin so I can have you on me all the time!”

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Let me think on that one.

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Whoa, this one I have to follow. Creepy get’s my motor going. lol

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@Adirondackwannabe I try to avoid creepy. :)

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I had an ex g/f who said (many times) whilst having sex that she’d love to be able to put her “c’ word that rhymes with bum inside of me (meaning = getting me pregnant).

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My S/O is extremely straight laced, but I’m more or less insane. If I told her I’m going to take her to the taxidermist and have her made into a wallhanging when she dies, she’d freak.

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I enjoy telling my gf that I love her… to death.

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“When the time comes, I’ll kill you last.”

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This is not from my current SO, but from a guy I (briefly) dated in college. He was crazy obsessed with the Cure and Robert Smith.

Before we had sex, he (jokingly?) said, “If I ever sleep with you, I’ll be thinking of Robert Smith.”
After we had the sex, he said, “If I ever sleep with Robert Smith, I’ll be thinking of you.”

Uhhh… thanks?

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Qingu says, um, interesting things all the time. Of the things that I can think of, it is probably either “I will absorb your grumpiness like a jellyfish absorbing a fish caught in its tentacles” or “You know I love you, Coraline.”

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I have not seen creepy but you never know. Right!

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Too funny! She’ll fit into “The Family” so well.
My SO is just too sweet, he’d never ever ever say anything remotely creepy perverted.~

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It’s the quiet sweet ones you need to watch out for the most.

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@YARNLADY You dated Robert Goulet???!

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@Pied_Pfeffer No, but my husband used to sing that song to me

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Oh wait, I’ve got one. Ex SO but he once told me in the gentlest tones that looking into my eyes was like seeing into a monster, you never knew which would be looking back at you, the woman or the creature. He said he enjoyed the thrill of seeing something strange flash across my face and wished he could be inside my head to chase whatever that thing was and see where it led. Oh well, he’s in the cornfield now.

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@Neizvestnaya He’s on the right side of the dirt? Or is he buried in the cornfield?

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