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Any tips for cutting my own hair?

Asked by Unexpected_Rain (357points) August 6th, 2010

I’ve had long hair for years and i’m pretty sick of it so i’ve been thinking about cutting my own hair. I figure that if I mess it up I can always go get it sorted out afterwards, or wear a hat. But I don’t lose much from trying.

I’m thinking of trying layers and I’ve found quite a few tutorials and things online so I have a vauge idea of how to do it. Although every tutorial seems to have a different technique.

So far the tips i’ve picked up are: Use very sharp scissors, keep your hair damp and cut off small amounts at a time so you don’t accidentally take off more than you want.

Any tips or any techniques that you would recommend?

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Aside from don’t do it?

Haircutting is best left to the trained professional, especially if you’re new to the process. I’ve done small trims on myself – just cutting dead ends- but layering is a pretty detailed technique.

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Here’s what I learned: It’s better to pay $17 at Super Cuts than a do-it-yourself job. While I don’t have to look at the hack job, others do.

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The only thing I would do myself, because I have done it and occasionally still do, is clipper the hair without an attachment. We did it in the service because it is a lot cooler in the heat under a helmet and easy to do on short notice.
But if you want something that has “style” I would probably spend a few dollars and have somebody else do it.

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If you feel comfortable enough to attempt it, you may surprise yourself at how well it may turn out. You already know the tips, sharp scissors, damp hair & small amounts. I would also add, do it in front of a mirror. :)

Coming from me, a dude who has cut his own hair many times, (although it’s easier because of shorter hair) just remember how your hair looked when you had a professional do it. The first time I cut my own hair (during the summer & my hair was getting really long) I just remembered how my hair looked after it had been cut but a pro. & I just try to replicate it. Apparently I did a good job, because when I saw my parents, they asked “When did you get your hair done?” After that & realizing I could get away with doing my own hair, I have probably done it about 15 times. Which has saved me over $150. Occasionally I go & get it done by a pro. Mostly when I feel lazy & would rather sit & have it done for me.

It is definitely worth a shot. Because only two things can happen. You mess up & have to pay to get it fixed (no big deal). Or, you do it & it looks great & now you can save money by doing your own hair. So I say best of luck to you & I hope everything turns out great.

@josie I once tried the clippers many years ago – very easy to use, but I have blonde hair – so I end up looking like I’m bald from a short distance away.

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have a great hair stylist on speed dial… :)

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I’d say get a cheap hair cut and go in knowing what you want. Even at the cheapest of cheap places you can get a pretty decent cut if you go in and give them details, maybe taking in photos, etc. It would be really, really difficult to give yourself layers. If you just want to trim your own hair or fringe go for it, research it a lot and buy scissors meant for cutting hair.

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Yeah. Don’t. Really.

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I cut my own hair all the time, and always have. The main rule I can think of is don’t cut it too close, unless you are prepared to wait for it to grow out. See Emma Watson’s new look She went really short, and it looks great.

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@YARNLADY She looks a bit like Twiggy, doesn’t she?

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@Pied_Pfeffer Yes, I’m surprised someone else remembers that

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Great, now I can ONLY like Emma Watson as Hermione. And depending on the way things turn out, only in the first couple of movies.

Anyway, I tried once, crooked bald spot on the back of my head. Didn’t notice ‘till my family told me.

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I would suggest… Dont try it. Its kinds like the crazy tv shows where they say befor the stunt DONT TRY THIS AT HOME… Ya cutting your hair with out being trained is one of those things you shouldnt do at home.. Its not too expensive for a hair cut. Just go get it cut.

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It really hurts me to spend 20 dollars in a haircut, so since 3 moths ago i started cutting my own hair, like you said, mine is long enough that i can get it re cut if i mess up; last time i was at the salon I saw how the girl cut my hair and it was so simple that I could not believe I was even paying someone to do that, I started looking up online for free videos, amaizingly youtube had pretty good ones, i leaned how to do the very popular swept bangs, and layering so look at my avatar and if you think I did a bad job, then don’t pay attention to me :)

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dont do it.

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Don’t Do It!!!
Save and spend the money on a good haircut, you will feel like a million bucks.
You won’t find a better return on your investment!

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Personally, if your hair is long, I’d go in and get it cut, then send the removed part to Locks of Love

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I’ve been doing it since high school because I have a mixture of loose, tousled curls and ringlets. any mistakes I made years ago when I just started out was easily hidden by my texture. But if you don’t have that and you’re not naturally talented…

Do. Not. Fucking. Do. It.

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Do it! It’s an amazing feeling. Really empowering. We put way too much angst and money into this stuff that grows out of our heads. What’s the worst that can happen really? Hardest bit is making the first cut (that takes courage) but after that there’s no going back. Don’t panic when you look like an extra from ‘one flew over the cookoo’s nest’ half way through, keep going :-)

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Thanks for all the input guys!

I kinda ended up going half way. I cut it short myself, but couldn’t get the layering the way I wanted so took the easy way out and went to the hairdressers. Next time i’ll be doing it all at home, now that I have a good idea how to get the shape I want.

If anyone is thinking about it, i’d say go for it… Artistree is totally right, the first cut is terrifying, after that it’s great fun to see what you can do!

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Assuming your a chick which it sounds like you need someone else. If you were a dude you can use a mirror for the back and extensions that go on the end of the electric sissors to taper all around the sides and back then a bigger one for the top.

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@hallagan look up, she wanted layers, and has now sorted the hair issue, yippeeee!

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