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What's your favorite unknown, (or less known) font?

Asked by ryanconsidine (18points) March 22nd, 2008

What’s your favorite unknown, (or less known) font?
Or just you’re favorite well known font.
Or your least favorite overused font.

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Sick of Arial, but I love Georgia. I use it as much as possible :)

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I’ve been fond of Taz lately.

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Times New Roman: I’m absolutley sick of it

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oh sorry but i am a fan of Tahoma

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jazz and Georgia

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Everyone knows Comic Sans is a faux pas :)

I think I’m very fond of most serif fonts at the moment, like Georgia.

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I like the witches font!

Wait, comic sans is a social faux pas? Nobody told me!!!

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Ha! I only recently heard of the Comic Sans faux-pas myself :)

On my Macs, I like to use Skia; I haven’t found any I really like on Windoze, but since that’s work stuff anyway, I stick with Arial.

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lucidia grande is a personal favorite. gil sans is a classic. comic sans will probably get a ironic hipster so wrong it’s right moment soon.

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definately Helvetica…so simple. There’s a great documentary about it.

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Jansen (or is it spelled Janssen?)

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calibri. :))

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bickham script

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Favorite unknown font – Gotham, Delicious, Avant Que,
Favorite Well Known font -Helvetica, Georgia
Least favorite overused font – Times New Roman, Comic Sans

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I’d like to correct my answer to TheSans Basic. Unfortunately it’s somewhat costly. I’d also like to say that have come to loathe Times New Roman and Comic Sans.

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All right, one more time. Since Mirza actually went for the more obscure.

Girls are Weird

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Purisa is an awesome handwriting-like font.

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I like Rotis

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I’ve killed a man over comic sans once.

but Gotham is beautiful.

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helvetica rules all

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Garamond. Definitely.

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Trebuchet MS > everything

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Ban Comic Sans!!!!! I love cooper black at the moment. It’s well sexy ;)

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I love Skaterdude, Rockwell, and Iskoola Pota.

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Archer – I’m gonna go ahead and say that Archer is by far the best font produced in the last 5 years

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i’ve been enjoying “trash hand” the past couple weeks…. designed a calendar with it a few days ago, love it! (trash hand is found at

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