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How can i move my itunes library from one laptop to another whilst keeping the songs on my ipod?

Asked by varey14 (57points) August 6th, 2010

Hello, I have recently bought a new laptop which is Windows 7. I was wondering how (if possible) I can move the songs from my old laptop which isn’t windows 7, to my new laptop (preferably for free). And if i would be able to keep the songs on my ipod, or still be able to keep the things on my ipod after the change of itunes to the new laptop. I am not great with computers so a detailed explaination would be appriciated. Thanks

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Simple solution – copy/paste entire iTunes library from old laptop, onto an external hard drive. Then plug the external hard drive into new laptop, drag/drop all contents into new iTunes library folder. After ‘authorizing’ the new laptop to use your iTunes account, plug the iPod in. It will tell you that this is a different iTunes library & ask you if you want to erase & sync with this library – choose yes.

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Well you have 2 options really.
1. if you have a decent sized external hard drive or flash drive you can transfer the files over to your new laptop.
2. if you dont have a flash or external. find a spot with Wifi, you can sign up for a free account at this site which offers 2 GB of free space. Place your music inside. then sign into it on your second laptop and transfer files that way

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