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I need your help, I can not figure out the answer to this question, can you?

Asked by mollydrew (641points) August 6th, 2010

Three guys walk into a hotel, and they’re going to split the cost of a room. The room is $30. They each kick in $10 and head up to their room. The manager gets wind of it and tells the clerk the room is only $25. He hands five $1 bills to the bell hop and tells him to go refund the guys’ money. On the way up to the room, the bell hop gets to thinking, as bell hops are wont to do, and says to himself, “No way can three guys split $5, I’m going to help out.” He stuffs $2 in his pocket, knocks on the door, gives each guy back a buck and heads back downstairs to the desk, glowing in the warmth of a job well done. So now each guy has paid $9. $9 times 3 is $27 plus the two the bell hop stole—only $29! Where is the other buck?

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His name is Buck & he’s here to fuck…..with your mind!

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I figured I’d butcher the explanation so I’ll just quote someone able to more clearly explain it:

“Since each man has now paid $9 for the room (3×9 = 27), and the bellboy has $2 in his pocket (27 – 2 = 25), the rest of the money is in the hotel till.”

“The trick is to realize that the $2 has to be subtracted from the $27, not added to it.”


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Right. As @timtrueman the $27 that the men have paid includes the money the bellhop stole—they only paid $25 to the desk after their $5 refund. The remaining $3 are in their pockets.

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Do I have to help?
Too many words and numbers.

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GQ! That was fun.

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A guy I was out on a date with once tried to get my head all muddles with this one. The number just gets border with the whole story and it leaves the riddle.

….or the aboce answer seems plausible as well.

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Hmmm> I think the butler did it, hahahaha

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It took me half an hour to finally figure it out. I refrained from looking at @timtrueman‘s comment.

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