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Is there a "breifcase" function on a mac Leopard machine?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I have 6 mac’s and exclusivly used my macbook “black” for word processing, but today got a MacBook Air and plan on using both laptops. I’m wandering if there is some way to set up my mac’s so that if I change one document on one laptop it will update on the ofer automaticaly. Basicaly I’m looking for the mac verson of Windows breifcase. I think i am the only person who ever used that, bit I loved it. Btw, if it helps I have a .mac account. I know a lot of thing can be done with that, I just don’t know how much.

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Back to my Mac should work to my knowledge but its over 100 dollars. you could try and find some app but i can’t help you on that one. sorry

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sorry should have read your whole post; back to my mac is part of .mac. you should be fine. although i have no idea how to use it so maybe try the apple support forums, etc

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DropBox is an excellent way to do what you’re asking for Macs and PCs (and one day, even Linux). Check out for more info. It’s invite only at the moment, so get your name on the list for the next batch of invites. It’s pretty sweet so far.

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Your problem can be easily solved with iDisk. It’s a part of .Mac and although I’ve never used it, i’m pretty sure it’s just what you’re looking for. Make a document and save it on your iDisk, which is just a remote storage location, instead of on your hard drive. (You can even put your iDisk in the Finder’s sidebar in the Finder Preferences). Then all you have to do is connect to the iDisk from each mac and you can work from there.

This might seem old fashioned, but honestly, I would just work off of a flash drive. They’re really cheap now and if it’s mostly word processing anyway, you would be able to hold a ton of documents on one. By saving things as rich text you could even guarantee that any computer could open it, allowing you to use other computers too, like a friend’s or a public computer etc. Just a thought.

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iDisk is an appropriate solution but “briefcase” is a program with 1 click backup not having to drag all the new files across to the flash disk/idisk

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There’s also a free program called Unison that will do this. Or you can use rsync (a command-line utility that ships on Macs) and roll your own.

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thanks for all the help! I completly forgot that iDisk could do that and sadly, I use iDisk to send files to clients. /shoots self in face.

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