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If you could raise any animal what animal would it be?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 6th, 2010

The title says it all, what animal would you raise? It can be any animal. Gorilla, chimp, Lion, tiger etc…. It can be more than one in my little head so go for it. What animal(s) would raise. I would raise a wolf,lion and tiger. Simple as that.

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Sea Monkeys. But only if they grow up to look like those advertised in comic books…holding a trident and wearing a crown.

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If space and finances weren’t an issue, I’d raise horses. I worked at a stable when I was in middle school, and it was still the best job I’ve ever had.

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Cyborg-dolphins that can move around on land. also, a luckdragon

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bunnies…or chocobo….

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I would raise puffins, penguins, and great pyrenees. hmmm all those p’s hehe

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There’s no other animal or even human on the being on the globe my cat Sy would tolerate under the same roof! But if that weren’t the case, I would like have a parrot, a parakeet or a puppy.

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Tyrannosaurus rex

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My opossum. :(

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I have raised the usual dogs & cats, bunnies, chickens, but…my all time favs. are my geese!

Geese are awesome!

The babies grow very fast and imprint on you quickly, follow you everywhere, and remain that way for life.

There is NOTHING cuter than the sound of little slappy flappy feet running after you.

I used to love letting the goslings run after ‘mother goose’ on the kitchen or garage floor…the slappy feet are to die for! haha

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Otters. Awwww….just awwwww… :¬)

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@ducky_dnl My sympathies are with you, I have lost pets too

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I would raise a slow loris!
I mean, look at this face, isn’t it adorable?

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Penguins, Giraffes, Elephants, Tigers, and perhaps a Capybara. They’re all so cute!

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If I could live on a farm, I would love to have horses.

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My neigh-bors include 3 mini-donkeys, 2 mules and a Belgian draft horse, a Llama and 4 sheep. I get all the fun of the gang without any of the work, I just keep apples on hand. lol

I do miss having a horse to ride, but…not into the work anymore, cats and geese are enough.

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Giraffes & sea-dragons/horses.

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@rpmpseudonym Wow…sea dragons. Aren’t they amazing?

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A flock of bats.

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But of course…those slurpee little critters….haha

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Safely? A Siberian Tiger just to make the neighbors shit their pants.

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@Symbeline I don’t think that bats flock.

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@Afos22 I dun give a damn. I want some.

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@Symbeline QA (although it is a ‘colony’ of bats). I’ve considered getting a bat house due to the small fish pond in the back yard and the street light on the corner of the property. You can even set up a bin below the bat house to collect their guano to use as fertilizer. Having them in the attic is a whole other matter…and really messy and creepy.

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@Pied_Pfeffer We got some in the basement, but they’re pretty adamant on us not seeing them. One was flying around the hallway last week though, it was pretty awesome.

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Yes, colony..that escaped me! Lots of bats over here in the summer, think they are the big & little brown bats…Ca. Myotis…mmmm…forgot.

They get in the house once in awhile and I turn off all the lights, open the doors and sometimes use a broom to guide them out.

I love bats, they are awesome little insect controllers, :-)

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@Coloma Yeah bats are pretty cool for that. I’m not sure which kinds mine are, they got brown bodies with black wings, about twice the size of a sparrow. I keep looking for them in the basement since apparently they come from there, but I never found them haha.

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I could probaly start raising lizards, the cats have the house stocked with potential matches. lol

Stepped on one big alligator lizard the other night, he was basking on my heavy wool persain rug so he didn’t get crushed when I stepped on him. haha

Put him/her out, and then….just a litte bit ago I see a lizard head peeking out from beneath a wicker chest in my bedroom…lift it up and another monster is captured.

Geez…god only knows what else is lurking around in my house. lol

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@lucillelucillelucille Nooo, I can’t stand those things anymore. They are my state bird & they are damn every where. I think it’s the fact that their name is also the song they sing. It’s like they have to announce their presence all the time like some kind of uppity Queen. “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee,” I SEE YOU for christ sakes, now quit knocking all the bird seed that is meant for the pretty birds onto the ground. I wish cardinals were carnivores & were above the chickadee on the food chain.

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Awwww…Chickadee predudice…there should be some sort of legislation about this discrimination. lolol

Tell you what, I’ll trade a dozen Scrub Jays for a dozen Chickadees, I’ll even throw in some alliigator and blue belly lizards, tree frogs?

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Just give me kittens, and i’m happy. Of course it’d be really cool to have a big cat, like a bengal tiger, but that’d just be impractical (too expensive, danger to me and my kitties etc). But if it was only me and there were no other animal around, i’d choose a tiger. :D But mostly i’m extremely happy with kittens and cats, i’m just curious to see what it’d be like to have a HUGE cat with a HUGE kissable nose. :)

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Anyone seen the film, The Waterhorse? I’m so jealous of that little boy!

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A cockatoo…he/she would be my bud!

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@Leanne1986 no i haven’t, what animal are you talking about??

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horses, dogs, cats, civilized people

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Seriously (the other answer…just being my dumb self), would like to raise dogs….not to sell, but dogs that have been abused. But, don’t have the facilities to do that, nor the energy it would require.

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Thwe Water Horse is about a little boy in England/Scotland that finds a giant egg in the rocks on the beach and hatches a Loch Ness type monster.

Really great little movie! :-)

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@rpmpseudonym -Noooooo! They are the sweetest little things.They take seed from my hand on my walks and look for me to show up! They have charmed me!Don’t you think they’re cute??

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@lucillelucillelucille Yea they’re cute & very friendly (& nosy too), but their song is just not very pleasant & they thrash their beaks around in the bird feeder causing all the seeds to fall to the ground. By the time pretty birds, with wonderful songs to sing come around, all they have is ground level scraps & shells. They don’t feel safe eating at ground level, especially because of my cat.

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No Chickadees in California, but I have the little gray Titmice. They are very friendly and curious too.

I have tried to lure them to my hand and have not been successful yet. I am jealous. :-/

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@Coloma oh…..cute! (i think) :)

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Pigs. I spent much of my childhood on a farm where pigs were raised. However, my pigs would be organically-reared, free-range Tamworth pigs.

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