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How can i expand/increase the amount of space on a Windows Vista os by moving the partition...

Asked by mabl8tr (110points) August 6th, 2010

so far i’ve tried to…
Use Disk Management -
Step 1: Click on the Start menu and browse for your Computer icon
Step 2: Use your mouse to right-click on the icon and choose Manage from the displayed list
Step 3: Choose Continue if the UAC pops up.
Step 4: Select the Storage category in the left pane and open Disk Management
Step 5: A window will list your disk partitions and to alter them, use your mouse to right-click on the partition that you have to change.
Step 6: From the drop down list, select either to Extend or Shrink: the volume of the chosen partition

…what i found is that the “Extend” option was grayed out!

so, what might i try next?

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Is their room on the drive? It will be labeled “Free Space”.

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I would not recommend messing with your partition unless you really know what you are doing. Should you do something wrong, you’d be in between a rock and hard place if you did not backup your data.

Plus depending on your setup, you might not be able to extend your partition, say for example if you are already using the entire hard drive. Also if you have two partitions, say a recovery one and your normal, you would have to adjust them accordingly to how they can be physically altered on the drive itself.

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