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In True Blood, why doesn’t Sookie turn into a vampire when Bill bites her?

Asked by vadener (13points) August 6th, 2010

Do you have to get completely drained of your blood to become a vampire?

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When Jessica was turned she had to be in the ground for 3 days before she rose as a vamp.

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This is a great question. Can someone please explain how a vampire “turns” someone?

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BECOMING A VAMPIRE: A vampire must drain a human of all their blood, effectively killing that human, and replace it with some of their own blood. The vampire and drained human will then sleep in the ground for two to three nights until the drained human rises as a vampire. The newborn vampire will be thirsty and need to feed on blood. The newborn vampire will have to stay with their ‘maker’ for some time as the ‘maker’ shows the newborn vampire or ‘ward’ how to live the life of a vampire. Although having some control, newborn vampires will often lose control of their impulses and can cause serious harm or trouble. Newborn vampires must leave their human lives behind as they are likely on impulse to attack their family or friends.

Newborn vampires must answer to their maker and are unable to resist if their maker commands them to do something. Eventually, makers will allow their wards to go out into the World themselves to be independent and free. Wards can return to their makers if they wish.


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@tinyfaery Great link, except you quoted the text for DEAD UNTIL DARK, rather than True Blood, though they are similar. The one for True Blood reads:

“BECOMING A VAMPIRE: The maker drains the human, and then the human must drink from the vampire. The human then dies and then rises in 2–3 days.”

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How does the vampire infuse his/her blood into the ward? Why didn’t it work when Jessica killed that guy.

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@tablack01: She doesn’t know how it works, she hasn’t been taught how to turn someone, and she did it on someone LONG dead. She was just desperate and guessing.

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This should clear things up.

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@tinyfaery : that is exactly how it is. When he bites her he doesn’t drain herall the way either so thats also part of it.

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Bill all along has been looking for Sookie because her powers or blood cant turn vampires into humans or can be in the sun….remember when Sookie gave Bill her blood he was able to be in the sun for short period of time without getting burn..

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He started to burn though. I think they are still trying to figure out what to do with her. They know she is special but don’t know how to harness her powers.

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