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How can you cut a podzzilla case?

Asked by fortris (683points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I just got one and realized it has no hole or the light sensor! How could I cut one? (or should I just leave the top part off? (for iPhone)

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Find the right sized drill bit for the sensor then with your iphone out of the case of course (that could have been messy) drill through where the light sensor is and viola a hole for your light sensor.

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Where is the light sensor?

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the top left hand corner above the screen, if you hold it on an angle where the light catches it you cans see it. if you look between the first and second icon on your screen then go up about 1.5 cm its their. you may need to shine a light on it. (i’m going on an ipod Touch schematic, but i assume its the same)

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I don’t see it on the iPhone.

joeysefika's avatar : this shows you where it is. sorry i just assumed it was the same as the ipod touch

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