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Are we on our way to self annihilation?

Asked by Winters (5854points) August 6th, 2010

With wars never seeming to end, the increasing amount of tension worldwide, increasingly scarce resources, etc. do you think that we will be able to come to a temporary solution to said issues soon, or do you think that we’ll come to a more permanent one, like nuclear armaggedon?

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I love your topic tag. :D

Mankind has been through a lot. I don’t know if war and violence will destroy us since it’s happened for centuries and we still be kickin’, but the rate by which we destroy the vital resources we require for survival is another story altogether.

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Well, it’s possible. The world has always been a mess and people have always been at each other’s throats, yes, war and violence have been a part of human life for millenia; humans have always fought over resources and a million other things, but we have only had the capacity to actually annihilate ourselves for the past 60 years or so, since the development of nuclear weapons. So, I don’t think the world is really in any better or worse shape than it’s ever been, it’s just that now if let it get out of hand it could very well be then end of us. We can only hope that we have enough sense to not let it happen.

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Things world wide are quite tame in terms of conflicts and oppressive slaughter of the innocents. Enjoy the relative peace and quite while it lasts!

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@Cruiser Well, it ebbs and flows; given the bloody slaughter of the 20th century: WWI and WWII, the last 60 years have not been all that bad. Yes, enjoy the relative peace and quite while it lasts.

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Will never happen, in order to self destruct the world would have to actually be more unified than it is right now. We could nuke the hell out of the world, and it would be bad for a couple hundred years, and then the people in the bunkers in cities that weren’t directly hit will come out and maybe choke a bit before they throw some seeds around and wait a couple hundred more years.

Anyway, there’s always a few people hiding away or so far away you wonder if maybe they knew.

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I don’t know @Zyx, that may be the way it happens in the movies but there really aren’t a whole lot of bunkers in the world, let alone bunkers capable of withstanding a nuclear attack, or repeated nuclear attacks; and I don’t know about the world having to be more unified in order for things to spin out of control. WWI happened, in some part, at least because the world simply let things get of hand. They didn’t have nukes then.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. Some people can do such stupid and selfish things. I hope that it doesn’t happen though, and that humanity can learn to live in harmony with the earth and other living beings.

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All things considered, it does seem that we are headed in that direction. Too bad, there is a great deal about the human race that is good.

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