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How do I keep from being bored living here in Hawaii?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) August 6th, 2010

It’s a nice place to visit, but tough to live here if you don’t really like the ocean that much. I don’t surf or go in the sun a lot. I’m bored.

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Well, you are more than welcome to switch houses with me for a month. I’m in Memphis. Trust me…After two days, you’ll be changing your flight arrangements.

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Throw Macadamia nuts at the tourists. Oh and if you don’t like the sun or surf why the fuck did you move to Hawaii?

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The same way you keep from being bored anywhere, but without the added burden of trying to figure out how to entertain yourself during those long, dreary winter months.

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Poor you.

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If you are bored in paradise then there is no help for you. Why don’t you take-up scuba, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming…anything. Go hiking or biking. Get off the computer and go outside.

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What about the natural world in Hawaii? The plants? The animals and birds? The island’s history?

What about the stars that you can see at night?

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Come to Canada in February or March, shovel some snow then go back and appreciate where you live. Seriously, find a hobbie, make friends, then it won’t matter where you live.

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Learn to surf and buy a nice beach hat and a couple bottles of sunscreen and go native….you will be glad you did!

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I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’ll bet I could find something fun to do. Here’s a thought for you: Why not try just being happy being bored?

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Isn’t odd, for every place someone dreams of living/vacationing, there is someone who is bored of it & jaded by its appeal? Hell, I live in ‘Vacationland’ & I always plan vacations that require me leaving this state.

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@rpmpseudonym Very true. I grew up in Las Vegas, then moved to Illinois when I was in my late teens. When the gambling boats came to Illinois, everyone wanted to go, except me. I’ve no desire for casinos. I’d visit Vegas again, but only to visit Lake Mead or Mt. Charleston.

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How about nature walks. I went to hawaii for two weeks and out of that time I only went to the beach 3 times. There were festivals we went too. Pearl Harbor, clubs, market places away from the tourist section, sailing, signed up for tours where we went to a luau. Of course this could be costly. But if your living there, you can join some sort of sport or simply anything else you would do anywhere else only in a nicer enviroment. I kind of get it. I once was in Puerto Rico for about 4 months. First month was fun, second month been there done that. Third month, going crazy. Bored wanted to go home. By the 4th month started to discover some more things I could do. Made really good friends and although I wanted to still go home (home sick) I felt at home there too.
My kids and I had to adjust everwhere we moved. Its always seemed harsh at first till we realized that a place is only as fun as I make it or as boring as we make it as well. Look for something to do and you will find a way to do it. Bordoom comes from not having anything to do. Work and you will enjoy your days off all the more.

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I am hating myself right now for the missing ‘it’ in the beginning of my post. sigh

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@Pandora “Bordoom”. Ha! I like that. :)

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@DrasticDreamer Ha ha! :D It was actually a misprint. I’m a bit sleepy. Had some wine with dinner and I’m getting sleepy. Just took me about 2 minutes to type this. Keep hitting the wrong keys. Thanks anyway. Going to bed now. Have a good night.

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I wanted to answer all the rude and unhelpful comments in this thread, but then I looked back and decided it would take too long. Many comments here are small-minded.

There are many reasons to be dissatisfied with life in Hawaii. It’s remote and prohibitively expensive to travel even between islands, let alone the mainland. For landlubbers, you should know the first rule that everyone is taught here: the ocean is not your friend. People die in the ocean often, islanders and dumb tourists alike.

Life in Hawaii is outrageously expensive. The cost of living is 30% higher than the mainland, but wages do not match that difference.

If you don’t live on Oahu, there’s not a lot to do. Maui is dominated by hotels. The Big Island is very rural, and Kauai is simply small. Relatively speaking, all the islands are small. You can even drive the Belt Highway around the whole of the Big Island in 5 hours or less. Hawaii is not a big place.

To answer the question, let me suggest volunteering. Go to your library, walk up to the counter, and ask them how you could help. It will give you something to do that you will feel good about, and it will take you outside your head. If the library doesn’t appeal to you, call your county building and ask them for some worthy local charities that need help.

Other than that, I recommend reading, writing, journaling, blogging, taking classes at the local community college, teaching yourself to cook new things, etc. Explore the things you can accomplish indoors.

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It’s not everyone’s idea of paradise. For some the big city is paradise. It has clean air and is very green, so much that I’ve taken to calling it the “green hell”. I came here for the free healthcare, to get treated for something minor, it didn’t work out so now I have no good reason to be here. Hawaii just aint my thing. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great place to visit but after a year it starts to get a little monotonous. Aloha is alive and well here, so it’s really not that bad.

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I do realize that the ocean can be dangerous, but they don’t have lifeguards in Hawaii?

@TC Why did the free health care not work out? Just curious. It’s the only one of our states that I know of with free health care.

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@Buttonstc : Lifeguards are found at the more popular beach parks. We have far too much shoreline to place lifeguards everywhere.

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I think you’ll find the answer is in the question…

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If it’s that bad then move.

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Are you fluent in Hawaiian? If not, start learning the language, for it is slowly fading out, with a total of only 500,000 people speaking it & just 1,000 of those being native speakers.

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@hawaii_jake My answer was among those that were not very helpful. You’re absolutely right, mea culpa.

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Hawaii is rad.

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Sucks livin’ here, sometimes. it cant get pretty intense, this restless feeling I have once in a great while, better since I quit Hep C treatment, but If I dont find my groove here Im gonna snap. Its not an easy place to live, but good to visit.

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I don’t think it’s Hawaii. You may want to consider the thoughts behind the feelings. You may feel this wherever you go. Then again, you may be a city person at heart.

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I’m sorry but Hawaii friggin sucks. I completely understand why this person is bored cause it makes me want to scream. I am NOT a beach person at all and the only thing there is to do is go to bars. I don’t drink. I wish Hawaii had something like a science museum or something along the lines of that. I really miss Chicago but military made me move here.

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