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Did Ron Paul drop out of the race and if so, when?

Asked by Reginag99 (11points) March 22nd, 2008
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I don’t know if he officially did, but I know he decided to focus on his congressional seat.
There is a Libertarian candidate who is running against the repubocrats, so if you are inclined towards Ron Paul, there are other viable candidates for you as he is basically a Libertarian at heart!

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No, he did not drop out. He is staying until the end. He is obviously not focused on winning. He is focused on reaching as many people as he can with the message of freedom and liberty. His main goal at this point, is to cause a revolution within the republican party, to regain traditional republican values of limited govt, non-interventionist foreign policy, and protection of civil liberties.

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Why doesn’t an open metal pan with one inch of water in it boil when I put it in an oven that is set to 450 degrees Farenheit and leave it there for a while. It got to about 202 degrees F. but not to 212.

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