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Has anyone ever actually fallen asleep while counting sheep?

Asked by Artistree (922points) August 7th, 2010

Just wondering…

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I’ve tried, but after 9 trillion it gets real boring.

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@thomascruz, HAHA. Ain’t it the truth?

There’s a wonderful line from the movie “The Heist.” One character, describing the leader of the gang, says, “He’s so cool, sheep count him.” LOVE that line—pure David Mamet.

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In New Zealand & parts of Wales it’s not counting them that interests. I hear they sometimes fall asleep during sheep shagging frolics. The height of baaaaaaa-d manners, for the sheep at least.

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Yes, actually. My mind wanders and makes it difficult for me to fall asleep. Giving it a task like counting keeps it occupied but focused, so it doesn’t take as long to doze off. Sheep are a bit boring, though. I don’t usually count them anymore. I count tapirs or platypodes or hedgehogs. Sometimes, if I want to try for fun dreams, I count Robert Downey Juniors.

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I’ve fallen asleep watching “Shawn The Sheep”

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Yes, but it’s not sheep I count. When tired but unable to fall asleep, I mentally count all of the items at Mom’s house that has a hinge. I’m usually asleep before I get to the basement.

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Nope. Fortunately i’ve never needed to go to such extents to doze off (except for VERY few cases), but honestly, i think counting sheep and trying to imagine each of them jumping over a fence or walking by is just too much effort late at night when you’re already tired as is.

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I don’t think so. Counting something with your mind will stimulate your brain to become more active at sleep time(if you’re a serious counter). I think boredom is the aspect that contribute to your sleep in this sheep-counting method.

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Reading in bed does a better job of helping you doze of, in my opinion!

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I’ve fallen asleep while counting money. More than once, in fact.

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If you fall asleep reading, you need to find a better book…

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@MacBean not at all! I find the books i read to be very interesting. But no matter how interesting, if one is tired, one is tired and is gong to fall asleep sooner or later. Reading helps me do that, but only at night when i’m tired anyway. I don’t fall asleep reading during the day.

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I’ve not counted sheep, but I have counted backwards slowly from 1,000 or so while closing my eyes on the odd numbers and opening them on the even ones. This usually works like a charm.

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No, the border collies racing around yapping at them keep me awake.

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You want to know how I help myself fall asleep?

Pick a topic… Lets say… geology.

Go through the alphabet coming up with an adjective and a noun that has to do with your topic that starts with the letter you are on..

Example: Artistic amethyst, Brilliant boulder, and so on.

You will be asleep before you get to the last third of the alphabet. Counting sheep has never worked for me, but this little game is a neat variation that will knock you out.

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No, I only go to be when I am sleepy and I go right to sleep.

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no. and I still don’t know why people keep doing that. it never works anyway.
I think I’ve tried more than once, but I actually remember only the first time. and some sheep after 489 I thought ‘ok and now I have to sleep’, but they kept on making noise. so I started counting t-shirts. that didn’t work either

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