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In an effort to conserve fuel should we lower the speed limit back down to 55 M.P.H. on interstates?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) March 22nd, 2008

With fuel prices continuing to escalate, many trucking companies are now having tractor trailers lower their speed. Do you think congress should mandate a nationwide speed reduction for all vehicles on the major interstate highways?

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Sounds like an idea I wouldn’t object to. But there are so many who will cry “foul”.

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It would piss me off. That may safe fuel, but it would slow down our country…which runs at a super fast pace.

Instead congress should start building an infrastructure for alternative fuels, so that in not-so-distance future when oil peaks, we’ll be able to switch relatively painlessly. I’m a huge fan of conservation, but conservation is only good to stretch the little bit of oil we have left a little bit longer. We also need to be trying to find other sources of fuel…

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Nope. With all the things that could be done by a congressional mandate, this would be the least effective to me. They would do better to support greater exploration of oil and alternatives to oil.
Lowering the speed limit is just a band aid and I believe it would not be observed anyway.

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And actually… From just a quick google search, it’s not slower speeds that saves gas. It’s slower acceleration. That’s why cruise control is the answer.

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I think it would be a good idea. It would also save livesin addition to conserving fuel. It would not slow down progress because if you stop and think about it you usually catch up with speeders at the next red light.

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Rotten idea. Right along with the dumming down of America!

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no. we need to find alternate energy sources. i heard someone at my school speaking about a car that mechanics are trying to build that would have a fan/vent in the front and your car would be powered by the air that passes through it.


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@ Tennessee Many years ago cars were made that got awesome gas milage but oil companies bought them out. They used to have a Voltzwagon diesel that got 80 miles per gallon.

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On the same note, I remember reading about a car company that produced a vehicle that could make it from New York to California, on a single tank of gas. Then the oil company bought the patent and destroyed all existed models. BLAH

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@Tennessee—Wow! A car that defies the laws of physics!

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The laws of physics as we know them now!

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stupid oil companies. they’re ruining the world one genius idea at a time.

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Imagine, going to the moon!!! we don’t know how so let’s just give up!
Cynics do not contribute, skeptics do not create. It is the dreamers that put us on the moon when doubters said it couldn’t be done.

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Cynics inspire dreamers; skeptics enhance the popularity of the dreamer’s successes. Without the beautiful triad nothing would happen.

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Interesting perspective.

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Why doesn’t the govermenmt mandate a vehichle get at least 100 mpg/ It can be done but as long as the people within OUR government doesn’t do a thing while they line thier pockets WE, the People, pay what they want us to. Understand that WE have a criminal goverment going. It isn’t OUR government but the people in it that is working us over for the benefit of themselves. I know for a fact that a floor prison guard can sit on his/her ass and draw $45,000 a year. Is that person worth that to guard rapist, druggies, petty theift, etc.? God Damm I am in the wrong line of work. BUT, the fault lays within the people within our goverment. They are worse then the most of the people that are in prison!! Check it out. It is criminal the way OUR government is ROBBING us.

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Why don’t we just let people decide for themselves how fast they want to go as it relates to how much fuel they’re using? If they want to go 75 and burn more gas per mile, that’s their call to make – it’s their money buying the gas, after all!

What’s next, a law telling me that I can’t heat my house above 65 degrees because of all the extra money I (and nobody else) will have to pay for natural gas?

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Give them time and they will. They already are trying to tell you where to smoke, where you can/can’t drink, etc. If You check, there is so many Laws telling you what one can,can’t do that before you get out of bed in the morning, it would be wise to have 3 Lawyers there, one to tell you what you can do, one to tell you what you can’t do, and one to tell you if the other 2 are right. But consider. How many of the people in our Government seats are Lawyers. Heed the warning when it says Beware of the Money changers and Lawyers.

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