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How often are your bed sheets changed?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 7th, 2010

Just wondering. some people change their sheets once a day, some once a week, some once a month and some NEVER. is there really a national average? so, what’s it for you? daily, weekly, monthly or NEVER?

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Not as often as i’d like (mostly due to laziness, but that doesn’t mean the sheets are ew!). o.O But they’re being washed now as i write this! :)

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Twice a week at home. Thanks to mom. :)

I’m not even going to give a hint of how often they’re done at school…(I never think to wash them?)

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Probably once every 2 weeks.

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Every two weeks. (Unless I’ve had a really good time).

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Depends on the weather and the sweat factor. Often in the summer I hate AC, probably once a month in the winter…

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Once a week.

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I watched a show from The Doctors and they recommend changing the sheets every day to every second day. :0

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Once a week. Before being married to allergy boy, it was every two weeks.

@NaturallyMe – Do you remember why they said every day or every other day? It seems excessive to me.

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I think once a month maybe. I don’t really know. It’s up to my mom. :)

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It’s been 7 months now. I am trying to sell my house and instead of trying to make the bed perfectly everyday, I just sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor.

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Ask the missus ;-)

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Once a week or when needed.

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@Cruiser Are you serious? It does not take much to make a bed. Your funny. Aint the floor hard on they back?

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@tedibear i remember them mentioning that especially if you sleep in the nude, you should change the sheets everyday (because of body oils etc), kind of like you would change your clothes daily. Maybe everyday is a little excessive IMO too, especially if you bathe in the evenings as well. And of course they said the sheets should be changed every time after you do the deed in bed, or when it’s hot and you get all sweaty and stuff.

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every two weeks by the cleaning lady.

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@NaturallyMe I wonder why. Surely if it is stuff being sloughed off your body (like hair and skin cells) or body fluids, what possible harm could it have? Granted, it’s sort of icky to think about, but I have yet to hear of a health problem caused by unwashed sheets. Even the sensationalist “news” shows that go around to hotels with their black lights are only reporting on the “icky, nasty, gross” but haven’t provided any evidence to it being a health risk.

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@Pied_Pfeffer i know, i mean, it’s not like our bodies are letting off toxic waste! hehe…anyway, they were more focussed on bodily fluids though, and how they can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Either way, excluding body fluids, i personally don’t think it should be necessary to changed the sheets more than once or twice a week (that would be ideal for me, i love the smell of clean sheets. :D )

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I wash mine every week. Or right after having some fun.

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Routinely every five days.

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At least once a week.

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When it’s dirty. :)

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Twice a week… always… sheets, pillowcases, cushions and duvet cover.

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