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What would you want to do (have done) with a severed limb?

Asked by rebbel (28712points) August 7th, 2010

Suppose, for what ever reason, that you get the unfortunate news that doctors have to take away one of your limbs (or any other body part for that matter).
What would you want done with it?
Or do with it yourself?
I once read a gripping story about a WW I soldier who had died during that war and was buried in, i think, Belgium.
Without one of his legs (the leg being the cause of him dying).
Years later, somewhere in the beginning of 2000, his family buried the leg with his remains.
When i thought about that, it made sense to me: i also would like to give it some sort of burial, since it is (was) a part of me.
I wouldn’t feel ‘whole’ again once i knew the limb was getting rid off in lets say, a hospital human remains bin.
What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Yeah, I wouldn’t care what they do with it. The only time I ever considered keeping anything had to do with my placenta after labors but never did, too much work.

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I think this question is making me put more feelings into a leg than I should. Now I’m not sure that I’d want someone throwing away my leg. Something that I’ve toned for years, and shaved endlessly. What a terrible waste!

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I figure if I’m not going to use it then give it to med students or researchers or toss it. I wouldn’t want it hanging around. yick

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If it was my right arm, I want to preserve it and make it look like it’s flipping the bird.
(it’s to show my expression of anger of losing my favorite limb)

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I considered that too, donating it to science or med school that is, if they can see a use for it, of course.
Good point.

Don’t they use placentas for research?
I think they do, eh?
Your answer (your consideration about keeping the placenta (for yourself or for donation?)) got me thinking in another way again.
When i give (well, gave) blood to the red cross, i never thought about not being ‘whole’ anymore.
I guess the reason being is that my blood amount is being automaticaly levelled again…

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@rebbel I needed it so that I can eat it to prevent postpartum depression…but I was too tired.

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That is new to me, eating your own placenta…, i learned something today.
To be honoust, i thought for a split second that you were being gross or funny.
Going to have a read about that and about postpartum depression…, that is new to my ears too.
Thanks for your answer!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir : So, even without that interesting culinary experience, did you avoid PPD?

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@JilltheTooth No but later on I took meds to deal with it.

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Interesting read, @Simone_De_Beauvoir .
Only question i have, in general, can one not eat B6 vitamin pills, instead of the whole placenta (if one would eat it purely to prevent the postpartum depression)?

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@rebbel Well like with any supplement, something natural provides more benefits in that it comes from the source (even though you cook the placenta, in some cases) and I’m not sure, in general, if B6 is the only thing in it that prevents PPD.

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I want them to do whatever they do with severed limbs. I can’t use it anymore.

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I’d want my limb stuffed and mounted and if it was a leg I would make it into a side table lamp with fish nets and a nice red high heeled pump.

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@Cruiser : And you’d defend it with your Red Ryder BB gun? :-)

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I understand, @Simone_De_Beauvoir, and yes, there may be other ‘ingredients’ in it that help fight it.

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@JilltheTooth “It’s an award”! XD

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@Cruiser : My friend has one of those and her husband gave her grief about it. She put it in the window of her small gift shop (just for display, not sale) and her store sales increased by 28% that month. It was March, so not a big gift month…
Gotta love the American spirit!

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@JilltheTooth Great story!! :))

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I have cleaned up after suicide bombings. Throw the heads, limbs and other extremities into a pile and let the coroner sort them out.

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Locate it’s owner.

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I’d have a leg fashioned into some kind of trophy honouring only hall of famers. To be awarded biannually to true leg-ends in their field.

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I’d want my arm to be half buried in front of my grave, to look like I am crawling back out. To signify that, “I wasn’t ready to go…not just yet!”

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Use it as a back scratcher.

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My friend Sally has a friend who is diabetic. Due to his illness, they had to amputate his foot.
Sally went to a funeral they held for the foot. They buried it in a coffin and everything.
Sally’s friend now tells everyone he has one foot in the grave.

Sad, but true

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@Cruiser That’s sort of redneck of you aint it? LOL I never pictured you a redneck. hahaha
I really would not care what they would do with it.

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I’d have the bones cleaned, polished, laquered and pinned so I could display the assembled limb in a bookcase.

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Presumably if it’s getting amputated it’s either horribly diseased, or mangled beyond repair. In either case I don’t think it would be worth keeping.

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I’d keep the bones and put it in a display case.

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