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What happens in the smaller, personal fluthers?

Asked by zzc (1135points) August 7th, 2010

I am starting a fluther. I have been added to one. Then what?

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It’s a tracking system, nothing more.

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A tracking system?

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…A tracking system?

He knows when you are sleeping…
He knows when you’re awake…
...knows if you’ve bad or good…

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Uh OH!

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The orginal idea was to allow you to track the questions of people you find interesting.

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Its purpose is to act as a filter. You can choose to see only the questions of people who are in your fluther. There’s a tab for that behind “Just For You.”

For some people it’s ended up being a sort of “friends” list, and some of us use it to be able to reach people quickly (in PMs) or just to recognize users we find interesting, whether we like them or not. You can do anything you want with yours.

Welcome to fluther, newbie.

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@Jeruba Oh, wow, is that what’s it’s for? I’m so much more inclined to use it now. I thought it was just the annoying trend of letting people friend everyone, everywhere in a vain attempt to get enough attention. But if it has an actual purpose, then yay!

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I have been trying to use it as a vain attempt to get attention, but so far it hasn’t worked for me!

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I didn’t add my first person til probably 6 months after joining. I didn’t really see the point. After awhile though I realized some people were interesting enough that I wanted to remember their names.

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