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If you could have any voice programmed into your sat nav whose would you have?

Asked by ucme (46865points) August 7th, 2010

Yeah, I’ve heard this is going to be an option soon. Having your own personal selection of who you want to hear give you directions & so forth. So I was wondering, which voice would you pick given the oppurtunity? Someone you know or perhaps your own or maybe a famous voice from the past or present?

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Milo here; Gail. Her voice is modulated and clear, and now that I think of it, one of her better features.

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I heard they wanted Bob Dylan to do this, but he turned them down.

I would want Captain Pickard, or maybe Scotty if I can get him shouting “You’re goin’ too fast Captain! She’s breakin’ apart!”

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James Earl Jones – the voice of god.

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A friend/former co-worker in New Orleans. I used to occasionally call his v-mail after hours just to hear that wonderful accent.

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Hugh Laurie.

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@MacBean In his House or his English incarnation?

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Morgan Freeman, of course.

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@worriedguy I was up in the air between Freeman and Jones.

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@janbb Real Hugh, please and thank you!

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HAL 9000.

“Cruiser…...“turn right”.....” Why did you go straight Cruiser?”.....“Cruiser”...“stop that”....“Cruiser, you are going the wrong way”....“turn around now Cruiser”....

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Alan Rickman or David Tennant (in his real Edinburgh voice)

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As in, Evan Almighty, if Morgan Freeman told me to turn left it would be very hard for me to turn right.

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@janbb yess! James Earl Jones.

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Sam Elliott !

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@lucillelucillelucille you got that right…wow…what a voice!

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Anthony Hopkins in his Hannibal Lecter voice.

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Richard Burton or Sean Connery, or Derek Jacobi or Ralph Richardson or Lawrence Olivier, or Danny Kaye or Mel Blanc, or Tiny Tim.

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I’d like the voice of a fine central Texas sweetheart country girl!

Preferably not a known celebrity.

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Stephen Fry, Barbra Streisand or Richard Briers (Tom from The Good Life)

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BRIAN BLESSED!! Seriously, though, I think I’d have a heart attack at every turn.


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@Rubrica Not to mention that booming laugh of his!

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@ucme He’s on the National Lottery ads here in Britain, last time I checked. It’s hard to RETAIN SANITY!!!

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@Rubrica Yeah i’m in England myself. Check the fella out on this! What a giant tit he looks :¬)

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Wow, Brian Blessed. I love that guy.

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