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Men, what would it take for you to physically hurt a woman?

Asked by Facade (22902points) August 7th, 2010

(First of all, I know men and women would like to think of themselves as equal to one another, but we aren’t. Men are almost always stronger than women.)

How far would she have to push you before you lose it?
Her attacking you? Talking to much? Annoying you?
Also, why not subdue her in another way that doesn’t involve hitting/choking/pushing her?

I hope to hear that all the wonderful men of Fluther would never hit an unarmed woman =)

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The business end of a handgun pointing at my head.

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You gave my answer in your question. I would never physically hurt an unarmed woman. But to be totally honest and fair, I am lucky enough to know how to defend myself and I really have no reason physically hurt anybody unless my own physical safety is threatened. I don’t have to prove anything more to myself, and in most cases I would just be taking advantage. And in some cases, I could probably disarm an armed woman if she were close enough, and do very little damage in the process.
So rest assured, women are safe from me.

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A couple beers usually does it.

More seriously, I guess if she was putting someone I cared about in danger and I wanted it to end immediately.

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I am a peaceful man who has not been in a physical fight since I was in the 6th grade—and I lost that one. And I hate weapons of all kinds. But if a Palin Mama Bear was intentionally harming or heaven forbid trying to kill a member of my family, or for that matter anyone, I believe (although I couldn’t be sure until it happened) that I would take whatever drastic action was required to stop her. As for what I would do if she were harming or trying to kill me, I would do what would be necessary to defend myself.

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I would do what ever it took to prevent her from physically harming my sons.

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If anyone, regardless of gender, physically attacked me, I would defend myself, and that could mean physically attacking them back.

In other words, I’m not going to hit someone (regardless of gender) unless they hit me first. Talking or annoying me is not going to make me hit anyone unless as a joke.

If you hit me, you’re probably going to be hit back. Gender is not an excuse to be physically violent with someone. “I can hit him all I want, but he can’t hit me ‘cause I’m a girl”. Doesn’t work that way in my book, sorry.

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Anyone putting my kids in direct danger, I don’t care if it’s Arthur or Martha, you’re going down in a heartbeat.

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Harming either my friends or my family, but I’d probably still feel guilty about hurting the female in question eventually, at least for a little bit.

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As my brother says: ”if a woman is man enough to hit a guy, then she’s man enough to get hit back.” My brother doesn’t go around hitting chicks for no reason. I have to agree with him though. Gender shouldn’t matter. Some women can actually be stronger than a man.

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@ucme It just occurred to me that Arthur and Martha rhyme when spoken with a British accent.

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@cockswain Yeah that’ll work.

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A six pack, a baseball bat, some hired muscle, and a tire iron. If she looks like this ,throw in a couple of shotguns.

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If they ate my last Kit-Kat bar.

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@ratboy it looks like she’s packing

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Self defense, regardless of gender.

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She would have to be trying to kill me with a deadly weapon. Even then, I would just try to disarm her.

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I wouldn’t harm an unarmed person. But if a person was threatening me with harm, or actually harming me, I would do whatever I could to defend myself.

The gender of the person doesn’t matter. If it’s not okay to hurt women, it’s not okay to hurt men either.

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A woman like the character Peyton Flanders posing as the perfect nanny.

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