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Have you watched John Adams on HBO?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9829points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

What do ya think? All I have to say is wow. Very well done.

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I thought that it was well acted and filmed. The only (very small) problem is that not all parts of the continental congress were recorded, so HBO does take a few liberties.

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I only saw the first two episodes. Has it finished airing?

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That is all that has been shown so far. The next episode airs tomorrow night.

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I happened to read all 7 episodes not so long ago. Its a very good written tv series buy my word it will win an Emmy. And yes HBO did take some liberties, but hey man even History chanel does it this days

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I’m watching it. I love history so this series is right up my corner!

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I love history too =) I really enjoyed the first two episodes, so I hope the rest are as good.

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@lenny: “Even” the History Channel takes liberties? The History Channel has been so sloppy so often, it pains me…

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What in the world does he do?

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