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What's your favorite fast food place and why?

Asked by tifa (667points) August 7th, 2010

Every now and than we go to fast food places even though we all know they are bad for us…... but they’re everywhere and so cheap we still go. So my favorite fast food places to go are subway (not so bad and keeps me from becoming a fatty) long john silver’s ~<3. what’s yours and why?

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Taco Bell and Burger King.

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Chinese Takeaway – There is always leftovers for the next day and it’s so yum :)

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quiznos and wendy’s

healthy, tasty options

but I do love egg mcmuffins….for a diabetic they are a good choice

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In-N-Out Burger. Those who have been there know why.

Either that or 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.

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I almost never eat fast food…but if I do I will try to get the Subway grilled chicken salad with extra tomatoes or for a real treat Zippy’s Gyros rock!

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Qdoba/Chipotle. I could easily eat burritos everyday for the rest of my life. :)

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I can’t decide between Long John Silver’s and Arby’s.

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@TheOnlyNeffie really? you can’t decide between the two? i honestly like only one thing from arby’s and thats the curly fries ( which are great though), other than that the whole menu seems like an aquired taste.

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@tifa I really can’t decide. I am really finicky about all fast food places, there is really only one or two items off of any menu that I would order. But I love Arby’s. But I love LJS. I can’t pick. haha. Now I am craving hushpuppies, though. Thanks for that. ;)

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My fave is TacoBell<3

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WEEEEENNNDYYYY’S hands down. Everything is fresh and delicious, the chicken is superb. Frosty selection is amazing.

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Wendys. The only thing I get there is the $1 chicken sandwich. I don’t eat at fast food unless I’m traveling.

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Jimboy’s Tacos. Why? Because their food is so damn good! That’s why.
Second choice is Del Taco. Same reason as above.

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Chik-fil-A for their grilled chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and lemonade. Unfortunately, the craving seems to only hit on Sundays, when they are closed.

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For fast food, I have to go with Taco Hell. It’s the only fast food place that I can blow $20 in and not feel gyped.

Yak in the Box comes a close second due to the diversity of their menu. As much as I love the BK Quad Stacker and the Egg McMuffin, BK and McD’s are further down on my list.

My other favorite eateries are local places and don’t exactly qualify as “fast food” even though the kitchen is pretty quick. I mean, how can a national chan compare with cheap burritos the size of your head ?

BTW, if you ever go to Gordito’s, do not order the Burrito Grande unless you really mean it! That thing will either leave you with leftovers or hurt you!

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We don’t have so much choice for fast food in the UK. I love Subways and that’s usually my first choice. Pizza hut next although I don’t think they’re very fast. The only reason I will ever step inside a McDonalds is for their sausage & egg mcmuffin breakfast. Burger King used to be better than McD’s in the UK, but they’ve gone downhill lately and the quality is really poor now.

To be honest if I’m in town and I want a burger and fries I’ll go to a Wetherspoons, where for the same price I can have a much nicer burger, and a pint of beer with it.

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Qdoba and Quiznos. Poblano Pesto naked from Qdoba, and veggie sub from Quiznos.

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This is a tough question for me. I love Burger King for their delicious chicken sandwich. I love Arby’s for their fantastic chocolate shakes. I love KFC because they have amazing chicken and fantastic sides.

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Our takeaways here in South Africa are NOT cheap – making dinner at home is FAR cheaper.

But anyway, we have a burger place called Steers that sell the most delicious doube patty burgers. I’m vegetarian now so i don’t eat the meat ones anymore, but they have veggie options! So i eat those. This is the ONLY burger place i know of here that sells veggie option burgers. Anyway, their chips (fries) are yummy too, thick and long and not dry. Plus, they put they yummiest spice on their chips.

There is a pizza place that i love even more though, it’s called Scooters. They’re cheaper than Steers and i love their pizzas.

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I like Mexican food, and they usually have vegetarian options. So I like Rubios, Del Taco and Taco Bell. Most of the other places don’t have anything that I can eat.

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