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If you were a dog, what kind would you be?

Asked by Berserker (33519points) August 7th, 2010

A little question just for fun. :D If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and can you explain why? Domestic dogs, wild dogs, whichever.

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I would be my own dog, who is a boxer because she is spoiled rotten.

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I would be a mutt from the area rescue and I would be adopted by me because I would be a house dog on a farm and have fun with the best of indoors and out. I would be brown and medium coated with minimum foot, tummy and tail hair so I would not have to be rubbed and squished with a towel on rainy days. I would have great eyes so I could get attention whenever I wanted.
If I could not choose where I would be then I have a very hard time choosing what breed I would like to be, probably a short/medium haired dog in the sporting group.

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I would be an English Cocker Spaniel! They are the happiest little creatures, their tails never stop wagging.

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I would be my favorite breed of dog, a Great Dane. I’d be big and kinda funny looking, but laid back and always appreciative of an ear scratch. And, I’d sleep for 75% of the day. Yeah, I could live with that.

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I’d be a Golden retriever, because they are blonde, energetic, happy and always smiling…just like me! But, I wouldn’t play fetch, I am a failure when it comes to playing with balls of any kind. lol

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I’d be a wild wolf(:

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Full blooded freakin wolf

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A dead one. I’m 48. You’re damn lucky if you can get a dog to live over 15.

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Probably a pug. Kind of ugly, but cute in my own way. haha. Maybe a lab, I hear they are very loyal.. and that suits me.

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I’d be a Flatcoated Retriever because they know how to have a bloody good time!

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I’d be an English Cocker Spaniel. Small, energetic, playful, and just a little bit crazy.

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@AstroChuck 48 in human years is just under 7 in dog years so you’d be fine.

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A mean-a** Great Dane! Just kidding! Probably a Japanese Spitz! One that is snow white. An awesome dog.

Here is a pic of a Japanese Spitz! Got to be one of the most beautiful dogs i’ve ever seen.

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I’d be a Westie…small, but doesn’t know it, stubborn, lots to say, a bit bossy, but loyal. And oh, so charming!

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@BoBo1946 I never met a mean-a** Great Dane. The only Danes I’ve met have been big soft gentle slobbering giants. That Spitz is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those.

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@downtide you would be correct. They are wonderful animals.

Someday, would like to own one those. They are expensive. But right now I’m happy with Sadie. She is a shelter dog that has some rough edges—we are working on those and she has a huge desire to please…she is very young and we having fun together.

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I’d more than likely be a cross between a bulldog & a schitzu…..yeah that’s right a bullshit. A damn proud one at that!!

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