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What's the craziest coincidence you've ever experienced?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) August 7th, 2010

When I was 14, I took a picture of this graffitti’d-up bench on a pier in San Clemente, CA. When school started that fall, I was showing my photos to my friends in Biology, including the new kid who suddenly yelled “HEY, I KNOW THAT BENCH!”. He had moved from California to my tiny Oklahoma town and his initials (and his girlfriend’s) were right there, carved into that random bench in my photo.
What’s your best coincidence/serendipitous/random wtf story?

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I lost my high school ring. a mans jumbo gold with my initials inside. i dated this girl and gave her my class ring as a token of going steady with each other. one night, at a downtown theatre, she went to wash her hands and left my ring in the restroom. some 20 years later, someone posted a “found classring” note on a bulletinboard at the Ford Glass plant in Nashville. a friend of mine worked there and gave me a call. sure enough, this was my 1962 class ring with my initials inside. where had the ring been for 20 years? no one knows. i was just amazed and thrilled to have it back with me.

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Aww, that’s awesome!

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Would you believe that jumbo gold class ring only cost $65.00 back then?

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No! And was the “found” note recent? Or from 20 years ago?

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Ring was missing for 20 years. that was 10 years ago, so that makes a total of 30 years.

The note was when the ring was missing for 20 years. i still wish my ring could talk.

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And you immediately pawned that $%@# for making you worry for so long. Yes??

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I have had so many of them especially the It’s small world variety! I just found out last week that a customer I have known for 13 years lived on the same street I was born on 4 houses down…I also found out my dad almost bought a boat from the owner of the company I work for 10 years before I took the job.

My sons scoutmaster and I grew up 2 blocks from each other and his scoutmaster knew my dad because my dad’s company sponsored his bowling league….I have a ton of these!

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I have had a few, one that stands out was one of those amazing psychic like moments.

I had interviewed for a job I really wanted, I had heard nothing for several days and was dying to find out if I got the job.

I was thinking to myself ” I wish they would call, I wish they would call”..and literally as I was consciously wishing the phone rang and I had the job!

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My brother married a girl who is 3 years younger than him, lived across the street for 5 years (And he never hung out with them-weird I know), was always in the same circle of friends, but never met. At least not until about 6 years ago after he had joined the military, traveled the world and after she moved away and had an amazing career. Then they met by themselves while she was visiting the area where they grew up and they met and found out all the things they have in common. Now they have 3 kids and are happily married. :D

Also, in school they were both friends with a guy whose younger brother is one of my other brother’s best friends and their cousin is one of my best friends. It would seem normal if we all knew that we knew each other, but we didn’t until recently when we found out we were all invited to the same barbecue. :D

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Wow, talk about run-on sentences ^^there^^...sorry. :/

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Sitting in the vet’s waiting room while the cat was being checked and having a flood of sadness come over me, and I started crying. Within 30 minutes of getting home, Mom called to say that Dad had passed away. Granted, we knew he had cancer, but the doctor said he had 6 months, and he died 3 weeks after the diagnosis.

Suddenly waking up at 4am and heading directly over to my sister’s house to find her still warm, but gone. She was in the last stages of cancer, so I knew that the time would come, but there you have it.

On a lighter note, a co-worker was heading out of town and walking to his gate, when a pay phone started to ring. No one was near it, and since he had time to spare, he decided to pick up the receiver. It turned out to be his cousin, who had gotten a page and was returning the call.

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I worked at Subway and the owner/boss was helping us make party subs. He was going on about this friend of his. He lost his mother and Aunt on the same day four hours apart. It was a sad day. They were sisters. I thought this is odd. I said well I lost my mother and my Aunt the same way. Turn out he was talking about my cousin! Small world. He goes fishing with my cousin. I have not talked to my cousin in ten years. The family kinda split apart after the deaths.

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I was on holiday with my SO some 400 miles away from home, and we were on the beach.
I suddenly sat up straight from my chair, I don’t know why I did this and saw my dad with another woman!
The closer he came towards me the more I started to panic. What would I do? What would I say to him?
I was so certain it was my dad that I had to go up to him, and it was only when I got within a few yards I realised it wasn’t my dad.
He was his double I swear. He looked so like him I asked if I could take a photo.
I still have this photo to this day. It was such a shock for me!

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@john65pennington Four Stars for that great story!!!!!

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I was driving home and it was raining “cats and dogs,” and saw a garbage man with no rainsuit. Thought, this would be my good deed for the day. Went to Walmart, bought him a rainsuit and gave to him. Several months later, lost my keys. We looked for them for 2 or 3 days. Later, someone knock on the door, and it was the man that i bought the rainsuit for….he found my keys in the garbage.

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I had one of those b&w photobooth pictures of myself when I was a teenager in high school. It was very very small, of course; I had cut it off the strip. One day I noticed it was missing. For No Reason at all I was in the garage and took off the trashcan lid. I moved a few things away from the top and there was that picture. I will always believe my daughter threw it in the trash!
@BoBo1946 Beautiful story.

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@Aster that was unbelivable… and thank you.

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Those are great! I read that article recently about the married couple who found a DisneyWorld photo that they are both in as kids. I have always wondered whose family photo I’m accidentally creeping in from places like that.

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@BoBo1946 well, you’re welcome Boo.

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What do you want BoBo?

A beer, a glass of wine or a banana? lolol

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@Coloma Boo’s story sounded like Divine Intervention to me. So did @john65pennington.‘s

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always, Michelob….and you?

it was a crazy story…so was John’s!

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‘Boo’s’ ?

Are you changing BoBo’s name to BooBoo1946

What a thing to say!

BoBo is not a BooBoo! hahahahahaha

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loll…have another beer!

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@Coloma No; I changed it to “Boo.”

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