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I just got candle wax all over my pants. Any tips on how to get it out?

Asked by Emily (51points) March 2nd, 2007
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If fabric is cotton or cotton/ poly, lay some blotting paper on yr ironing board. Lay wax-covered part of pants over blotting paper. Cover top of pants w. towel. Use suitable temp. on iron. Press iron on towel; wax should melt and be absorbed into blotting paper. Err on side of too cool rather than too hot.
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I have removed wax from metal candle holders by pouring boiling water over them (carefully and outside.) The water melts the wax, but it's probably not a good idea to try that technique on cloth.
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put your pants in the freezer. if you freeze cloth with wax on it, the wax will then chip off easily.
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During Christman I spilled candle wax on my favorite wool coat. I put a piece of newspaper over the wax and ran a hot iron over the newspaper. After one minute the newspaper soaked up all the melted wax and my coat looked like new!

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