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What does the i stands for in iPhone and iPod ?

Asked by workout228 (3points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone
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“I” want one!!!

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I think it means “Internet” but I might be wrong

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Its a throwback from the first dot-com bubble. Everything was iThis and eThat. Apple jumped on that wagon with the iMac but actually stayed the course. I thought it was tacky then and I still think its tacky now.

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Here’s what Wikipedia says:

“i” is not a generic prefix used to describe a type of service or product; rather, it is used in the branding of individual products. Where as e-mail refers to electronic mail in general, iMail, if it existed, would probably refer to an individual e-mail service. The i prefix is especially connected to Apple Inc., who first popularized it with the iMac and iBook[8] and now keeps a long line of products starting with i, including iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iLife and others. Apple initially said the “i” stood for “internet”;[9].

I personally think that Apple uses the “i-” in its product branding in an effort to communicate a sense of ownership and creative empowerment for the user, who would likely purchase an Apple product for its innovative creative features.

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For the original iMac and iBook, it meant Internet. For everything since, it’s just been being consistent with the iMac.

Wasn’t this just asked and answered a few days ago?

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I agree with jz1220, I think the I identifies the product as personal and establishes a sense of individual entitlement and superiority, it appeals to the desire to not share

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