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Do you love to disagree?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 8th, 2010

I swear some people get off on it. Just so they can have something to argue about. Do you have someone like that in your family or friends?

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Yeah. You got a problem with that? What? Do you expect everyone to agree with you all the time? Why can’t you agree? ~

Someone at the office was like that. He was in management and just needed to assert his power, right or wrong. We called him Mr.Opposite. It became a game to manipulate his negativism. . “OK guys, we want “A” so let’s suggest “B”! or We all know it is “yellow” so let’s say it is “blue” so he can decree it “yellow’>
One time, I even started the conversation with “I know you have to disagree with me but…”

We tended to avoid the jerk as much as possible . What a waste of energy.

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Yes, I like to make my opinion known if it is relevant or if there is nothing to talk about.

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Often times on Fluther, I don’t agree, but keep it to myself. Don’t like those long drawn out back and forth debates. Just not worth it.

My family and friends for the most part are not agruementative.

True story: i was going to lie! Worked with this guy and we were playing golf. It was my turn to play a shot to the green. Just before I pulled the club back, he said, “how far you from the pin!” I said, ” 150 yards!” After I hit, he had walked off the yardage and said, “you were 148 yards!” “Jimadie Christmas” was my answer. He loved to agrue…not for me.

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No. It is always about the truth and how you got to it.

Having a “question solved” that only ends up being replaced with another question. Is rather counter productive. God I hate that. I will fight finesse to the death, getting at the truth.

As far as people that just love to disagree. I believe they want the truth too. But, are too hung up on seeing the wrong way of seeing things as “wrong”. People do not like to be seen as wrong. Even when that has nothing to do with it.

When their insecurity gets in the way. I have no problem turning the volume down and not looking back.

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No, i do not.

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I love to defend my opinions and love to hear others as much….this will often lead to the beleaguered “agree to disagree” conclusion.

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Not particularly. For some, debating is a game. I did some formal debating back in high school, but since then I’ve come to value other things better than being right. In fact, I don’t like competition at all. I prefer to hear about everyone’s experience and see what I can learn from that. Debating gets in the way of that. Point counterpoint? There is no point! People are more invested in winning than in learning. It’s generally counter-productive.

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Debating with friends is fun; with the s/o? No Way! although I like hearing his opinion since I like to learn and am always open to changing my mind.

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No, I don’t.

I have allowed myself to get involved in I’d say, maybe 3 drawn out volleys in the 5 months I have been here.

It becomes apparent very quickly when someones ego gets overly invested, and the shift becomes more about being right than discussion.

I’m mostly triggered by blowhards that clearly delight in being difficult just for the sake of.

I’m learning. lol

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I hate to disagree. Disagreements can often turn into arguments, and that always makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve always been a lover not a fighter.

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@jonsblond :))) my sentiments also!

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I always try to find common ground. Arguments can sometimes be productive, but most of the time people are too entrenched in their beliefs to change.

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Yes, you do show up with impeccable conduct, I have yet to see you get your BVD’s in a twist.

I know for sure that egotictical men really give me a Melvin! lololol

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I do not like any conflict whatsoever. I do have a friend who will disagree with just about anything you bring up. I won’t give her the benefit of an argument, though. Usually just change the subject or tell her that I disagree and move on.

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@Coloma waste of energy my friend. Besides, what is said here is no big deal. I do enjoy it, most of the time. There are many (could bring myself to use the word, all) here that, how shall i say this, i like! Leave it that…don’t want attact attention. Out of sight, out of mind!

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Yep, I try to avoid the hole in the sidewalk, best to tiptoe through the tulips where the big dogs go! lol

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you got it sister…

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No. I hate getting in arguments.

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Sort of. I love to debate and usually a debate involves disagreeing with someone. It’s not so much that I “love to disagree”, it’s just that I find I do disagree with people on things. Whether or not that turns into an argument is a different story. But to be honest, half of the reason I’m on this site is to debate.

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No, I don’t go out looking for disagreements, but I am with @DominicX… I will gladly debate with someone who I disagree with. My boyfriend, on the other hand, loves disagreeing. It’s pretty annoying. He says, “Our conversations would be boring if we always agreed!” So he’s constantly playing the devil’s advocate and pushing my buttons. Infuriating!

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Not really. I only disagree when i have to and just can’t let someone keep thinking what they’re thinking, while thinking that nobody else has something to say against it. Or something like that. So….only when i must.

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It could be that there is so much to argue against. It could be that the people who don’t argue just follow anything, and everything.

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I don’t like to disagree just for the sake of it, but do like to debate.

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You should be glad for people to disagree with you. It means that they care enough for you that they don’t want you to continue believing something that is incorrect.

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i’m not sure if it’s really the same thing but sometimes i like to choose the opposite of what someone else has chosen for the sake of starting a discussion. I’m very into philosophy, and when someone has an idea i like to draw it out from them how they came to that idea and make them think deeper about it. I don’t do it to be mean, but i like it when people do that to me, to make me really think about my decisions or choices or beliefs. It’s invigorating.

i dont’ do it all the time, only when there is time to do it. It’s fun to have a debate with someone. i was on the debate team for a year (i was pretty good at it too). I’ve also found that this type of discussion, one side and another side can lead to even better ideas, and different ways to look at the world or a problem .Sometimes during a discussion with someone, i’ll take the opposite side and eventually between the two or more of us we come up with a completely and even better idea than either of the two sides being discussed to begin with.

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No, I don’t love to disagree, but if I disagree I disagree out loud.

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Alot of people claim I deliberately try to be different but I don’t. It really does come down to what I really think, not to be “different”. I do not “buckle up” to get along with people or to “just go with the flow” to avoid standing out. I will always choose doing the right thing over popularity (or at least I try).

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@chocolatechip what happens if the people who “care enough about you” themselves are incorrect?

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