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Do you believe that there are Parallel Universes?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) August 8th, 2010

This question is just for fun. I am not looking to start a war on here.
I am currently reading Dr. Kaku’s book Parallel Worlds.
I think this theory is very believable.
It kind of sounds like Science fiction but it may actually be reality.
Good Science Fiction extrapolations on Scientific possibilities
Has anyone read this book?
If the moderators allow my question we can have an interesting discussion.

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I do but I am more of a multiverse kind a guy!

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I don’t know whether there’s a parallel universe or not—how can we ever know?—but speaking for myself, I have enough on my hands just to get through this universe. It’s like wasting time speculating about heaven and hell; I prefer to focus attention on living now.

That said, I try never to close my mind to any possibility, for “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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Yes, in one of mine i own a tea room with lace dolies and fine china cake stands. In another i’m a cage fighter.

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There are more things in in heaven and earth @Austinlad ,...than anywhere else! ;-)

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I haven’t read the book so I don’t know his theories. But I do tend to think that there are multiple universes of some sort, parallel or otherwise. I have had some strange experiences (which I would rather not go into discussing here) which are difficult to explain any other way.

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I don’t believe, but I’m open to the idea.

@downtide Is there any way we could cajole you into sharing?

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@Pied_Pfeffer all I’m prepared to say is that I believe in reincarnation, and I believe I’ve lived in a previous life in a place that can’t possibly have been Earth. And I have met someone, in this lifetime, who apperently knew me there and was able to relate and verify events to me that I already remembered but had never disclosed to anybody.

So either, what I believe and remember is true, or else telepathy is a lot better than I thought it was. Or it’s something even more bizarre that I haven’t thought of yet.

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@downtide Thank you for sharing. There are many people who feel the same way that you do, and without proof one way or the other, who has the right to judge?

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Physics indicates there are many more dimensions, one of which is the universe of every possible universe.

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Personally, I don’t believe that there are or are not parallel universes.

This argument can actually be treated scientifically and may be proven in 50 – 200 years. For example, M-theory is a subset of String theory and hints at the possibility of multiple universes (or branes) laying in the possible 11-dimensional space. These “slivers” of universes are very large and may be floating around a few meters or kilometers away from our 3-dimensional space. In the extremely rare case that these branes hit each other, a huge amount of energy is released in each of the universes, which may be seen as the cause of the big bang. This also hints that at any moment, our universe can “reset” and start all over again with another big bang.

Of course this is merely a theory—though one of the most popular universal theories in the physics community. So popular, in fact, that Physics 614 in my university is titled “Physics of String Theory.”

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Dr Kaku explains things well.
I am enjoying the book despite that I have not studied Science since college.
I wish I were in college now. How exciting to be learning about this.
I never took Physics.
The math would probably drive me insane. My husband was a Chemistry and Business major.
I was a Liberal Arts and History major. I took many credits in Science and learned to enjoy it allot.

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@philosopher Yes, the math would drive most people insane. :) I hope to double major in general physics and mathematics and possibly move on to graduate school. This might be enough to open up the possibility of understanding Physics 614 instead of simply being entertained by it. The concept of a fundamental law to explain everything is fascinating IMO.

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LOL I am interested in what ever you would like to share.
I believe that greater understanding is necessary for human kind to prosper.
All Science is fundamental to human prosperity and growth. A species that does not expand it’s knowledge will not survive.
Research has helped human kind to survive longer. Exploration of our planet has enriched us all. It is human nature to explore and learn. We must find away to explore the Universe or Universes. Earth will not support life forever.

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Actually, the math would drive everybody insane. The mathematicians and physicists involved in String theory are, in fact, already insane. :)

I strongly agree that human knowledge is required to prosper. One of the worst things the human race can do is develop a fear of learning.

So if you’re interested, do yourself a favor and check out either Brian Greene’s books or his PBS TV series. (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3, approx. 3 hours.)

I’m also a believer that TV causes the standards of human knowledge to fall, but this may be one of few exceptions. While the PBS series is intended for the non-physicist, it’s a great source for developing an interest in string theory, theoretical physics, and cosmology.

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Yeah, somewhere somehow i’m answering this question at this very moment…....only more articulately :¬)

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I don’t think the human mind can ever understand. Theories are made, but where did they come from? Another question is, on what level do we exist? I am sure we do, but who knows what is above us. We think we have great minds, but do we really?

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I will look for the series. I watched the Wormhole series on Science Channel.

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@sml Theories come from the creative minds of human beings. I don’t see any reason that humans can’t understand the fundamental theories of everything. However, if they exist, parallel universe may only be a scratch on the surface of reality. Since no one today can tell how far we are above the surface, we cannot know how great our minds are in the grand scheme of things.

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There is zero conclusive evidence right now. All we got are quantum interference experiments and the many-world interpretation. And plenty of hypotheses and speculation with some merit. A very interesting subject though. I like Tegmark’s Level 1 to 4 model.

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I am reading Dr. Kaku’s book Parallel Worlds. I was fascinated by Science Channels Wormhole Series.

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@philosopher – I’ve heard it’s a great book !

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