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Your Sunday morning consisted of what three things...

Asked by Jude (32112points) August 8th, 2010

For me, Pink Floyd, java, and love..


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Coffee, watching This Week, and hanging with my wife.

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8:38 a.m. here, been up since 7:15

Still having coffee, fed the cats, let the geese out of ther barn, about to go put on the sprinklers and then, housecleaning day!

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Breakfast, Meet The Press, Fluther. Oh, and a little facebook.

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Breakfast, reading the papers, long walk with the dogs.

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Lots of snugging with my new cat, barry. Making challah. And Fats Domino!

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Like each morning, a first cup of coffee, a second cup of coffee, a third cup of coffee and playtime with Michael, my border collie.

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Coffee, crossword, coffee, comics, coffee, rest of the paper with more coffee

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moving wheel lines, brunch and then modern warfare 2

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corn flakes, Computer, Fluther, Youtube, Facebook, Itunes, Pack for my 1 year trip to a foreign country_which I am still doing_,

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cappucino, fluther, blueberry pancakes and bacon s/o made! I am crazy over blueberries. Now I’ll drive 12+ miles to my daughter’s house. it’s too far but they have 2, week old st bernard puppies she wants me to see.

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Coffee, read the newspaper, ate some strawberries, pineapple and bananas mixed with plain yogurt.

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Coffee, chatting with my parents and sister, and Explosions in the Sky.

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A lot of coffee, a lot of cigarettes and a lot of drawing.

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@jjmah You just described the perfect Sunday morning!! GQ GA

I would only add reading the paper on the deck with Dark Side of the Moon wafting in the background and sipping on a cappuccino.

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Coffee, Fluther, and a neighbor died. Great neighbor…his wife found him the sofa around 7am this morning. I walked out to get the paper and the street was full policemen. They worked with him, but he died about 20 minutes after the paramedics arrived. He was 73. Never know.

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ideally? coffee, paper, sunshine. today: clapton, taking care of kitties, coffee (then pilates).

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That’s too bad, but, what a great way to go, peacefully and without a lengthy illness.
Sad but in many ways perfect.


Oooh…thanks for the Clapton thought, going to put on the best of now!

House cleaning music! :-)

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nice man….and has a wonderful wife. She is one of the sweetest ladies in the neighborhood. Several of us neighbors went inside and talked with her. Surprising, she was holding up very well. He was laying over on the sofa with blanket pulled up over him. The coroner had not arrived yet.

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@BoBo1946 That is so very sad, but I know you will be a good neighbour and help out wherever you can.

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We had that happen in another town where we lived a year. There was an ambulance across the street and women in the yard in bathrobes. The widow whom we never had met, came over to our house a couple weeks later and told us about it. He had gone into the kitchen and keeled over with a stroke. She said the only symptoms he had for weeks were two numb fingers.
Then after we sold and moved, the man who bought our house died leaving a widow. Both women just stayed there last we heard.

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The Washington Post, scrambled husband eggs (with cheese, onions and mushrooms), and Fluthering.

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” scrambled husband eggs ” ewwwww….....lolol

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Three things? My Sunday Mornings are much busier than that.

1) Helping the Wife
a. Dishes
b. Laundry
c. Making breakfast

2) News
a. This Week with Whatzhername
b. Sunday Paper

3) The Computer
a. Fluther
b. Post Secret
c. Facebook
d. AOL email
e, Fix the wife’s laptop

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@BoBo1946 What a sad thing. I hope all the neighbors show as much support to her as you have.

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Well…l get on over here and help me with my chores! lol

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@BoBo1946 She was in shock. Tomorrow she won’t be holding up anymore. Sad.

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Yes, we offered to contact her relatives, etc., but she was holding up very well. All she could say was, “he will not have to suffer!” Thank you @Pearls, @Aster and @Coloma for your comments.

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@filmfann Dishes and laundry??? Are you for real?

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Blueberry waffles, bacon, and church (blah).

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@Aster I find doing the dishes and laundry to be very calming, and not a chore.
On the other hand, I refuse to work in the yard. It’s my day off!

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@pearls guess some have a different way of looking at things…oh well..just saying…would like to say more! Comment was not for my invisible friends!

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@BoBo1946 Not understanding your response to my answer.

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sent you a personal comment…

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Get dressed
Go to classroom to get ready for school year
Check Fluther instead


Shower, blueberry protein shake, drawing plans for remodel.

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Donuts, video games, and TV.

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Watering the lawn, washing clothes, and watching the news on TV.

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cinnamon coffee, my best friend, he went and got me biscuits with sausage gravy (yum), shark week!

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Coffee, cleaning, fluther.

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Coffee, waffles, Jane & The Dragon.

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A neighbours house alarm (which woke me up at 7.00am), Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Banana Bread.

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I changed an endotracheal tube and proctored two thoracenteses.

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Well, I hope you are having a beer now, sounds intense. lol

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Spoons, eggs (scrambled with fake sausage, cheese, and avocado), teeny hangover. And if I can have 4: video chatting with my best friend’s adorable 6 month old niece.

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Sorry to hear about your neighbor.
My sundays consists of staying all day in my PJs,watching old movies, and drinking coffee all day.

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Shower, hot cup of coffee, digging and clearing out a city park that has fallen into disrepair, and NYC doesn’t have enough money in the budget to take care of it. We dug up a nest of baby rats whose eyes weren’t even open yet!

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Love. coffee and pepperoni pizza, and cleaning the pool. :)

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Gazing at the sea, driving far, getting towed back home after a break-down! Started off peacfully and ended up a nail-biting affair!

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@Frenchfry thank you very much my friend! He was a good man.

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Shower and wash hair;
Have breakfast;
Get ready to visit family for the day.
(and a few other random things in between like feeding kitty and puppy)

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It is now 2:30 Sunday afternoon.

I have chosen to rearrange my living room instead of actually cleaning.

Lookin’ good!

Hey, I have plenty of time!

Off to the store then back to finish the vacuuming and then…I can bask in my cool little space for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

Good news, after a careful search process it seems my house is not harboring any more lizards, frogs, voles, baby gophers or deer mice, courtesy of the nefarious cat hunters.

The wilderness within. lol

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Space Mountain
Haunted Mansion

I also ate, but that’s not interesting at all.

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Child laughter, best friends, and blintses.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir : Blintzes? I am so on my way over!!!

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@tinyfaery love that place! No more space mountain for me…no way jose!

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@JilltheTooth Sure thing, we’ve got some left

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Sex, drugs, and rock and roll scrambled eggs.

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3AM: Drag my ass out of bed.

4AM: Jump start refrigerated truck in the dark.

5AM: Drive 2½ hours to Provincetown for work.

8AM – 3PM: Work a promotions gig for the PanMass challenge.

6PM: Returned to work to unload truck.

7PM: Home to a wonderful home cooked meal.

8PM: Fluthering.

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@cprevite well, nothing like a wonderful home cooked meal…after that day!

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Sex, Starbucks, Sunday morning news shows.

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“Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, make love, change the oil in the tractor. :^D

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@BoBo1946: Absolutely – and it was delicious.

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Drinking coffee, reading the NYT, listening to NPR.

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Coffee. Muffins (lemon poppyseed). And the NY Times crossword.

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I’ve been moving to a new place and our weather is well into the 100’s so just a few minutes between a/c place and car and I’m soaked, dusty, scraped up, bruised, fingers mashed on one hand, sunburnt. blah blah blah. I’m good at moving but I hate moving.

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Church, Breakfast (Pancakes ;]), and Work. (Woo?)

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My Monday morning consisted of languishing in bed after a busy Sunday and messing with my cat, taking pics of him on the webcam on my laptop.

Here he is in my avatar…he was not amused…the ‘look’ is obvious! lol

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Folger’s cappucino; cereal with raisins and blueberries; shower, roll hair, makeup , grocery store in 100+ heat. as usual
@Coloma I see no cat but I assume that’s your property? contemplates suicide

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LOL…yes, that is my front yard from an angle.

My Sunday morning was cleaning hlouse after last nights spaghetti feed and then, having another friend over tonight for leftovers.

Man…I havn’t eaten so much spaghetti in ages. haha

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just because it was an interesting one: sore puss-ey throat, ER, vicodin…

vicodin for strep throat, who’d have thunk it?! sweet!

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