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Which family member, if any, would you have locked in the garden shed?

Asked by ucme (46457points) August 8th, 2010

There’s often that one member of the family who irritates & embarrasses in equal measure. One which you rarely see & when you do you can’t wait to see the back of. Now far be it for me to break up the family ambiance but there’s gotta be one…... right? The shed by the way is purely metaphorical. You can of course substitute this as you see fit. Maybe a portaloo, I dunno.

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I hate to sound cliche, but I would have to say my mother-in-law. I won’t get into the sort of stuff she’s pulled beyond saying that I feel she should be in a secure psychiatric facility (and not just temporarily as she has been in the past).

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I have a sister that should have been locked in the shed, the key thrown away and the shed transported to elsewhere in time & space like Doctor Who’s police call box. I’m sure the Daleks could have made use of her. Or the Sontarans.

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My niece. She has abandoned her infant son for a life as a homeless drug addict/alcoholic.

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I would lock my BIL in the shed with our MIL!! She will straighten his ass out in 15 seconds or less, but I will leave them in there all night just for good measure.

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Remarkably, possibly for the first time in my life…. no one.

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My father-in-law. He stopped talking to my brother-in-law when he told his father he was gay. He has also disowned my husband for petty reasons. He doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of our children. What a jerk. (my husband concurs.)

It’s funny. When my FIL stopped talking to my BIL, my BIL would call the office where his father worked and leave a message with the secretary. He told the secretary to tell his father that “his gay son called”. he did this daily for months.



My 8 year-old stepson from Quebec——nothing but an ankle-biting little French fry. Lol.


@lucillelucillelucille There’s that good ol’ Aunt Bitchy again! Too funny!

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My goofy sister-in-law…
Yeah she needs to go..

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myself… to get some free time

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I have an aunt that I would love to lock in a shed. She sits in bed all day,she fakes seizures, and when I was 10 years old she accused me of sleeping around and being a tramp. She also makes her kid do everything (cook, clean, etc)while she sits in her room messed up on pills all the time. (Not prescription pills either)

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I’m the one who would have been voted most likely to be locked in a shed (or the attic).

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I would totally lock my uncle tony and my grandmas new husband.

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