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Fluther is kaput. It is suddenly gone forever. How would you deal with that?

Asked by Aster (18985points) August 8th, 2010

I can tell when I’m getting attached to someone or something. I feel anxious when I entertain the idea of it or them disappearing. So how would You feel if you found Fluther was gone for good? I’d be Very sad! Like losing a close friend. Fluther-gone forever.

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Well, grieve, of course! I just got here, don’t even say that!

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It’d be all right. I survived the death of

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I would get more done here at home, and I would be thankful I have many Fluther friends on Facebook to keep that connection I would miss with Fluther gone.

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Turn off my computer and go outside.

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I’d live. I know how to keep in touch with the people I’ve met here that I care about. That’s all that matters to me anymore.

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I’d be very sad. Similar to when a tv show I really love is cancelled unexpectedly. Fluther’s demise would be worse however as I’ve come to see many jellies as friends.

Hell, I’m sad just thinking about it.

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I would finally wash the dirty dishes I hid in the oven.

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I’d move on, like I did when AB essentially committed suicide (for my purposes anyway). I’d probably just find something else to serve as my outlet for extraordinarily long ramblings on niche topics.

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I’d spend more time reading my Amazon Kindle.

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I would get stuff done alot quicker and have time left over to cure world hunger ;)

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I would find something else to pass my time with. Most likely, I would read a lot more.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities What is this Outside of which you speak?

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Well im kinda new to it and just getting into it…it touches many of my emotions, but mostly because of how social it is and it’s pretty much just socializing with people and people will tend to do so. Either way i’m enjoying it ^_^

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I would come back a month after the incident demanding to know what on Earth had happened to Fluther. Haven’t been on much lately.

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I would get a lot more done around the house, but I would miss a lot of fellow jellies. It makes me sad too, @cprevite, to even think this could happen. This place is a lot like Cheers. A place to go where everyone knows your name.

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My God, what would I do with that extra six hours a day!

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@Austinlad : Go to Panera? :-)

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With Wordpress and a few plug-ins the basic functionality can reproduced in a few hours. It isn’t as nice but it gets the job done.

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@JilltheTooth, good idea! I’ll keep it as a fallback. There are two of them panera work.

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It doesn’t really matter. There are other places to go. Their charms are different, but they offer enough that I am willing to hang there even though their questions and answers aren’t as good.

I’d miss the people, though. There are also some personal stories I wish I could find out about, but that is true whether or not fluther dwindles away.

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Same way I did when my other two favorite Q & A sites went kaput, find out where my friends are moving to and go there.

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I’d be OK. I’d be sad, but otherwise OK, because I know I’d find another place to frequent when I wanted to.

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We should arrange a rendezvous point, just in case.

So here it is: I’d go to Yahoo! Groups and start a list for ex-flutherfolk to find each other and commiserate for a little while, and exchange contact info if we wanted to, while we got over the shock; and then move on.

So if that happens, guys, go to YG and search. I’ll be there.

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You mean it isn’t?

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I’m on Fluther and AnswerBag… Naturally I would flip out and then go into denial and try to start my own site again…and fail…then I would try to track where my friends went and follow them

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I would sob uncontrollably. I’m glad I know how to get in touch with many of my friends here, but I’d also be out of a job!

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@Jeruba Very good plan

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Apathy, yeah that’s the word.

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@Jeruba : OK, let’s all meet up at the donut shop 2 blocks away on the Post Road. No, the other donut shop! The good one! ;-)))

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First I’d be all “aw, man!”, but then I’d be all “eh, whatever”.

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I’d be terribly sad.

Like when Answerbag bit the dust, there was an anxious flurry all over the internet to find where everyone went.

Sure, you’re all avatars and text, but the relationships we form here are very real to me. It would be very much like moving away, if all of a sudden Fluther were gone.

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I would have to scratch off one of my reasons to go to San Fransisco.

I dream of a Fluther convention there.

Otherwise, one less monkey on my back. ;-)

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I’m still on Answerbag as well (though I don’t log in much there). I’d probably go back there.

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I would lose a outlet that has become precious to me. Though if I channeled my creativity into say writing a book, I may get something more than just Lurve. But I’m a Lurve whore, to the end.

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Fear not: I’d get Ryan to whip up some alternative website, and command a Starship with all the jellies aboard. There would be two categories; Matt Browne and everything else. There would be no lurve scores or awards, instead, it would be more like the points on Whose line is it anyway – where the points are made up and don’t matter; you could say “That was brilliant – 2 kazillion points!” or “Bad answer – minus 50 points” – they would not be tallied anyway – and the whole point would be a meeting place of minds. Maybe I’d call it the Wolf’s Den or something; where we work better togather as a pack, but each wolf survives well on his own.


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I’d be super sad because this is one of the longest things I’ve ever been connected to on the internet. but, I’d still go on.

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@zenele, you should do that anyway. I’ll sign up. ^_^

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@Seek_Kolinahr While writing that – I actually had you in mind – and thought a Star Trek universe would be great – where people could choose an avatar. Klingon, Vulcan etecetera – maybe from all the diferent Trek universes?

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@zenele : Seven of Nine here, always exploring transition, with logic and confusion.

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Oh. My. God. That’s awesome. I’d have to go alter-ego and be Romulan, I think.

The admin could be The Q…
We could form our own mini-communities, with ships and captains and wage war upon each other (all in good fun of course).

When someone’s a real dick we can blast them with Quantum Torpedoes… (which are also made up and don’t matter)

Our “points” could be called “Latinum”

Oh, I’m having way too much fun with this,

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Got my Klingon headpiece, armor and bat’leth ready.

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I still win. I’m planning on assimilating the lot of you then I will be THE QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE. prepare to be drones. Resistance is Futile

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Yeah. Queen. Y’know, until someone cracks open a plasma coolant tank and melts your biological components like warm ice cream.

Suck it, Borg Biotch.

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Curse that Janeway and her well intentioned removal of all those implants… I’m melting! Melting!...

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I always believed Janeway was a naught little vixen.

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Just keep in mind 99.9% high availability or more is very expensive. The business model of Fluther has to be different from that of Amazon or Ebay. They can’t afford the downtime. Fluther can.

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Or we could just get rid of all the nerds, but then it would just be a moderator and some shrink tubing with a hairdryer.

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