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For those who have one, what is your cell phone signature?

Asked by Vortico (3128points) August 8th, 2010

I simply set mine to a space character so that if I need to move my cursor to the beginning or end of a text message, I hit the down key to put it on the beginning of the last line.

But I’m sure some of you have more interesting (and less complicated) text message signatures. Please share? :)

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Mine is simply an apology for any typos from trying to type on a tiny phone screen.

When I’m on computer, proofreading is obviously much much easier. I just want people to know that I’m doing it on a phone.

It’s so much better than the default message automatically attached by Apple and sent with EVERY email.

Sent from my iPhone.

That just sounds pretentious. Like I’m bragging to the whole world about about owning an iPhone. Ridiculous.

My sig mentions phone, but it doesn’t specify iPhone.

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Some I switch between…
I <3 U
Thats wat she said

There is one more but I cant think of it… Of course

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@Buttonstc Nice idea. :) I do a decent amount of proofreading of my texts, but I agree it’s much easier on paper or computer.
Also, I believe you can remove the “Sent from my iPhone” signature in the mail settings somewhere. I don’t own an iPhone, but I seem to remember it from using my sister’s iPod touch.

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That’s precisely what I did. I removed the default sig which came with iPhone and replaced it with my own.

I realize that when they first released the phone that they wanted to create as much awareness about it as possible and I’m more than willing to tell people how much I like my iPhone VOLUNTARILY.

I just don’t like them leeching on to every email I send.

That’s just kowtowing to Steve Jobs presumption that I shoould be thrilled to do so. Grrrr.

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@Buttonstc Ahhhh, I see what you’re saying now. It’s not something Apple is known for doing.

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But they are known for being rather controlling :)

Sometimes from necessity and understandable. In this instance, ehh, not so necessary :)

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