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What should I do tonight?

Asked by nikipedia (27526points) March 22nd, 2008

Boyfriend has already vetoed renting a movie and drinking. What else is there in life?

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Invite your girlfriend over and have a threesome!

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Cornman, You drive me crazy!!!

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lol,@cornman,what the hell is that?!

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Can I have a threesome with you Cornman?

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Do anything but re-ask this question. Surely you can expand your interests beyond videos and drinking? That doesn’t bode well for the future. And those “threesome” answers never get any more interesting than the first 20 times people discussed them. How old are you?

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Yeah Cornman!!! Grow up!!!

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@gailcalled: That was a wee bit condescending! Sure I have other interests, but 9pm isn’t a great time to start new projects, go for a run, take a class, go to the library, visit a museum, go to the beach, or the other fun things I do during the day. Usually my roommates and I head out for a drink or watch a movie but wanted something good to add to the repertoire. Sheesh. Anyway, we’re 23.

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@nik:Indeed it was. This question has been asked over and over, mainly out of boredom. You sound as tho you can answer the question w. no difficulty. Look at your question. “Bf has already vetoed renting a movie and drinking. What else is there in life?” If you stick your head in the mouth of the lion, expect teeth marks. (Chess, bridge, talking, reading, making love, going to beach at night, calling your mom, playing Scrabble or Twister).

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yep, I agree with gailcalled.

Plus- in your topics you also put “San Francisco”.... Seriously, the most fun city to be in on a Saturday night!!! How could you not think of anything to do?

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@nikopedia. So what did you end up doing the other night? I hope you know I was kidding about the threesome. Apparently that was very immature and inappropriate! However, it would have made the suggestion for the Twister game more interesting.

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go out for pizza and beer at a local joint. Then just sit back and watch people

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@cornman: I read some stuff on the internet and went to bed early—very boring!

I guess I must be a huuuuuuuuge loser if I can’t find something super exciting to do every single Saturday night of my life, given that I live in a great city that I enjoy every chance I get.

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Oh Cornman…you are just so cute!!!!

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how did flipper get 121 points!?

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