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Should I freak out over a new public school?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) August 8th, 2010

Okay, I have gone to Catholic school almost my entire life, now for 7th grade and up, im going to a public school called Walnut Hills, you might have heard about it. Anyway, its a college prep school and im scared out of my mind. I dont know if im ready for such a big change. I mean, that school is better academically, and there are 2,600 kids at this school. Im happy that i get a little more freedom at this school rather than Catholic school, but i just don’t feel like i fit in. Its kinda overwhelming.

I dont know if im being over-dramatic or should I be nervous? Am I crazy?

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You will be fine. Most of the kids there have not gone to that school either so a fresh start for everyone. Most parochial schools have more rigorous school programs so you should be prepared. Just be ready for a small culture shock and after that focus on school the rest will fall into place.

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Don’t freak, you are well prepared academically. Just lock into your studies, prepared to ignore everything else if necessary. Whatever time you have left after your studies is what you have; keep your priorities straight.

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I think it is normal to be a little nervous. Believe me everyone in that school, even if they have gone to public school their entire school life, are a little nervous about what to wear (unless it is uniforms), what their new classes will be like, who will be in their class, what their teaches will be like. Just put on a happy face, and go in with an open mind, be yourself. I am sure it will be fine. Try not to compare the new school with the old school too much when you are with new friends, save that for home or here on fluther.

Have you had a chance to go to an orientation? Do you know where your classes are? Are you familiar with the building?

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I predict that after a brief period of feeling awkward, which is totally natural, you’ll fit right in. You have lots of great new friends and exciting new experiences to look forward to. We’re rooting for you, @astrix24!

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I think you should be fine. At my school, whenever their is someone new, all the kids want to get to know them, but I go to a much much much smaller school. But just get involved, keep an open mind, and you’ll do great. Good luck! 7th grade is fun, or was for me (going into 8th)

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You said that your new school is better academically. Upon what are you basing that judgement? If it’s the info in their brochures, it’s advertising.

Catholic schools are usually no slouch in terms of academic standards. They are also quite rigorous and demanding regarding homework completion and teaching study skills and developing good learning habits.

Most parochial students are well ahead of the curve at whatever schools they transfer to.

They have an excellent reputation for teaching the basics (which is what the first six grades are all about).

I’m betting you’ll be just fine.

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I started school on the 17th and it wasn’t so bad. Ther is alot of homework but i really like it. I have a crush whos name is Gabe, but anyway i made the volleyball team and i really like switching to classes and everything. I overwhelmed myself. Thanks everyone.

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Thanks for letting us know. Glad it worked out ok.

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