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Which "faux pas" do you think are outdated? Which are still important?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) August 8th, 2010

I don’t care about white shoes after labor day, but if your kid asks me my age I will make him cry.
Which do you think should be overlooked and which are set in stone?

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I have never understood why people want to hide their age.

Here is some of the etiquette that matter to me:
– knowing how to hold a fork and knife properly
– how to set a table
– firm handshake
– Young children should use Mr or Ms lastname until corrected by the adult, and then use whatever the adult prefers (I know some people feel very differently about this, some of it has to do with the part of the country you are from).

Generally white shoes don’t work after labor day if you are in the upper third of the US, October more or less would be the cut off for the middle third. Very south like Southern FL or TX you can get away with it all year on hot days, but you might look like a tourist. That is unless you are very fashion forward and white is right on trend that year, then there may be an exception. Side note: don’t confuse winter white with white. I have a fantastic white winter coat, but the fabric is clearly for the winter.

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Eating your food with a salad fork. If it works, who cares. So long as you don’t look like a cave man eating.

Set in stone. Don’t chew with your mouth open.
Fart only when alone. (the rest of the world doesn’t need to know what you ate last)
No scratching of private parts out in public. (even if its over your clothes.)

Easiest way to look at things is if an ape has no problem doing it in public than you should try to do the opposite.

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I don’t think I’ve owned white shoes since elementary school, come to think of it.
I don’t mind telling my age, it’s just one of those things I expect parents to teach their kids not to say. I know my big mouth mortified my mother several times as a small child before we had the etiquette talk.

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No drinking till after noon. Sometimes beer is a good breakfast.

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@filmfann That’s a faux pas?

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@filmfann I think the rule exist to keep people from having their face planted on the plate by dinner time. LOL

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Not important—Never wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

Important—Don’t poop where you eat.

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Important: civility/being polite; know your audience before you decide to cuss, damn it; keep bodily functions to yourself.

Unimportant: Just about everything else.

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