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What's a good conditioner for curly hair?

Asked by ben (8680points) August 8th, 2010

So I was traveling the other day and used someone else’s conditioner, after which my hair was much curlier and generally better looking. Besides regretting years of bad conditioner, I’ve realized it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

Anyone have a good recommendation for a new home for my curls?

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Try Suave
It doesn’t have silicones or other bad things in it
It’s cheap but you’ll be pleasantly surprised
Also try not to touch your hair (after washing) until it’s dry

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I agree with @Facade. Suave is pretty good. Also rinse with cool water and let your hair air dry. Don’t rub your head with the towel. Try to just scunch it dry with the towel. Blow drying your hair will damage it quicker than anything else. Once semi dry, just run your fingers through it in the general direction you want it to go. Best thing about short curly hair is you really don’t need to comb or brush it out. The curls will stay on their own.

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For something inexpensive try Pantene. My husband has wavy to curly hair and he really like Pantene. Meanwhile, I just chemically straigtened his hair recently, so it is less curly :).

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@JLeslie I feel like chastising you for that whole post (kind of joking), but I won’t. But I will say that Pantene and chemical straightening are bad. Very bad.

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@Facade What do you mean? What did I say wrong? What is wrong with Pantene? I meant he used it before I straightened his hair. It is still wavy, it just gets out of control in the summer humidity, so I calmed it down a little.

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@JLeslie Pantene has chemicals and plastics in it that make hair appear to be healthy. That line of product does absolutely nothing for hair. As far as chemical straightening goes, I don’t really have the time to go into why it’s not good for you. You could try looking up the ingredients used in the process and what it actually does to the hair. You could also think about the mindset behind “calming down” curly hair. It doesn’t need to be calmed. The people who have curly hair need to learn how to care for it.

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@Facade My husband is not going to bother doing anything special like a girl might. I used the same chemicals on him that I use on me to perm my flat hair so it has more body. I am not trying to argue the chemicals are a good thing; and for that matter I don’t like Pantene, because it flattens my hair too much. I was just offering an answer.

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Okay! Ben:
I use a product called Neuma It’s amazing, I have very Wavy hair and my Sister-in-law has super curly hair. I have used this product for about a mouth now, and my Sister-in-law has too we have never found a more better protect!! I do a lot to my hair like: I color my hair, I use Hair strengtheners, and blow-dry it Everyday, but now I can leave it wavy and it looks amazing!! Another thing I love about Neuma is it’s all Natural products in other words it’s GREEN Lol… So I Highly recommend it for you!!!! The 2 that would be best for you is either the Repair or Moisture! I hope this helps you! ~ Happy Hair days! ~

Oh and anther thing about other products like Pantene , L’oreal ,and BedHead and many others is it makes your hair look great BUT this is only for part of the day and what your putting in your hair is actually damaging your hair because your putting Chemicals in your have that breaks down the Hair follicle making it break off! With Neuma your putting Vitamins, Nutrients back in your hair that all the other products leave out. So that’s my answers!

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