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Legend of zelda spirit tracks?

Asked by whisperfur (15points) August 8th, 2010

in the spirit tower floor 4 there is a section off to the right that you get to from floor 5 you have to have the boomerang to get there but its a switch or treasure (or something) blocked off by bombable blocks but you cant reach it because of a firewall (lol no pun promise ;P) i tried throwing a bomb, it blew up in my face(it hurt) and i tried getting zelda to carry the bomb but it blows up before she gets close! can she throw it maybe? and if that isnt it how do i get that secret?! its kind of ticking me off that i cant figure it out so if someone knows how? very much apreciated!

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Here is the walkthrough for Tower of Spirits, Floors 4–7. Good luck.

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thank you i just read it, sadly it tells me how to beat the level which i have already done (going down for the golden compass now) but it mentions the treasure which is more than what i have found on my own. bad news is it doesnt really go in depth with it which is what i want. thanks for trying though!

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Hi, i use for all my zelda games this site: They have great guides and if you are in the middle of your game then all you have to do is find the section you are at. But I would reccomend following the walkthrough all the way so you get every item.

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