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How do I clean cat vomit off a record?

Asked by andrew (16380points) November 8th, 2006
How do I clean cat vomit off a record?, Given my entire apartment to choose from, my cat decided to splatter a dime-sized bit of kitty-vomit on my OK Computer LP. How can I clean this without damaging my tunes?
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With a warm damp cloth...ya big baby!
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I'd grab the Windex and some paper towel. I'd spray the towel then wipe the LP with it.
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**P.S. Ick!!!
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Do not use cleaning fluids on your valued record. You must lick the offensive splatter clean, I’m afraid.

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Wipe in the direction of the grooves, using a solvent to remove particles within the grooves. Use a very fine cloth, or none at all, as paper could add scratches to the grooves.

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