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Do you say "the Sierra" or "the Sierras" when talking about the mountains?

Asked by Emily (51points) March 2nd, 2007
We have heard that Sierra residents only say "the Sierra" however, most of us Californians say "the Sierras." Which term do you think is more widely used? Which is "correct"?
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i'm from california, and I say "the sierras." I've never heard "the sierra." In the same vein, don't ever say "101 freeway." You must say "the 101" or "the 5."
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The locals have it right; it's the "Sierra" or "Sierra Nevada." Same goes for the east side of the range: it's the "Eastern Sierra." However, you can say the "Sierra Nevada Mountains."
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I have decided Elfman is right. It's definitely "the Sierra" to the locals.

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