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I want to start a beehive, who knows what to do?

Asked by SmoothEmeraldOasis (806points) August 9th, 2010

I have always wanted to have a hive, but do not have the slightest idea where I would go and purchase a Queen and the worker bees. etc.

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Your local beehive club will be glad to help you. Just type beehive club + your town in a search box.

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Wow! That easy, huh, Thanks so much, I appreciate your answer.

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@SmoothEmeraldOasis Okay I tried and all I got was night club listings.

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Well, if you knew of anyone who managed beehives in your area you could always ask them.

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Sorry, try Beehives + your town, or tell me where you are, and I will try the searches for you.

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@Mom2BDec2010 – Yea, but unfortunately for me I do not know anyone in that line of work.

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@YARNLADY – Yea! I got one link, thanks I will check this one out, here it is incase you would like to check it out also for yourself.

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I would contact your local cooperative extension and your local beekeepers association. Check their websites, there’s a lot of info there. It’s best to contact a local organization since the needs of bees are much different in different climates and conditions.

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This site, Starting a Beehive, should be a help to you.

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Perhaps try beekeeping and your city/state.

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