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How dangerous is it to be openly gay nowadays?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) August 9th, 2010

I have always been amazed at people who were openly gay because I thought it put them in danger somehow. You hear about victories and defeats in self expression, freedom, and human rights, and develop an idea of how you think it is for someone or group. I would be scared to death to be openly gay. Then again, I’m scared of a few things.

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certain countries in Africa and the Middle East it is very dangerous…In the developed world it is much safer…but not perfect

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I suppose it depends upon where you live. Some countries are much more accepting of homosexuals than others, and here in the U.S., it applies to some cities and states.

It also depends upon whether you mean from a physical or verbal aspect. And there are probably those that still toss an application for employment because they suspect the applicant might be gay.

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Well if you’re gay, then I’m sorry to say that you just admitted to being gay. Which means you are openly gay. If not..then to answer your question, it depends on where you live.

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Maybe if I was gay I’d get more responses.

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It depends on where you are.

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In America, I’d have to guess that one’s level of peril depends greatly on whether you live in a red state or a blue state, with the former being more dangerous and the latter being more accepting and understanding.

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@talljasperman Let us not group all of Africa (which is a continent, not a country) together as one. For they are very diverse on the subject. For example, South Africa recognizes gay marriage(most of the states in the US don’t). While countries like Uganda & Mauritania have punishable by death & life imprisonment penalties for gay acts.

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@rpmpseudonym Pssst. Reread talljasperman’s statement.

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As others have said rightfully, it really depends on where you live and what nutjobs surround you – if you are a white gay man working in the city in New York, you’re probably all right though you never know. If you are a black gay man working in the city in New York, you’ve got more problems not the least of which are other black people. If you are gay and homeless, you have more issues than if you were straight and homeless. The list and the hierarchies go on and on. In other countries, you may not be safe at all.

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This has no simple answer. It is all dependent upon circumstance.

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It depends entirely on where you live. And even then it depends on the day. Where I live it’s pretty safe: the UK is generally accepting and I live in Manchester which is pretty much the gay capital. But even so, it’s not unheard of for guys to get beaten up just because someone didn’t like seeing them holding hands.

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More dangerous than being openly straight, and less dangerous than being openly transsexual.

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And if you are black, gay and a woman you are probably already in a world of hurt.

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Depending on what country you are in it varies. In the states it has become much easier to be openly gay, but again it depends on the area you live in. In more conservative states, it is still very dangerous to be openly gay without the threat of ridicule and even violence. In southern and mid-western states it is harder to be open, but in other places like the costs and heavily populated areas such as cities and suburban areas it is more openly excepted.

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I ask this question because I worry about people who are openly gay. I always think, “how can they do that”. I see now that I have had a narrow viewpoint and am quite ignorant. Just for the record, I am gay friendly.

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@truecomedian It is not wrong to think that. In many places you should think that because it is still dangerous for someone to be openly gay. For example I remember hearing something about being gay in Barbados will get you killed. But in many more modern and liberal areas being openly gay is quite excepted.

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So I’m not that confused. I grew up in Southern California, and there is a huge gay community there. I guess I thought every place was like that. Come to think of it, a lot of places in the world are bad places to be “out”. I’ve been known to refer to the way gay people talk as an accent.

Can gay people not “act” gay, can they switch it off and act “straight” haha, this is funny.

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It is not accepted where I live. If you were out in a bar where I live and 2 guys were kissing each other in public they would get beat up or at the very least harassed. Girls get away with kissing each other however. I am just saying what is true where I live.

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