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Where can I find Balto Wolf quest?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 9th, 2010

Where can I find it would downloading anything or paying? Or where can I find part three somewhere? I don’t want to miss anything since it’s such a good movie! (it’s my childhood in a hour and a half..or so.) I want to watch it sooooo bad!!!!

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I have one. The first one. I don’t have the others. Have you tried the library. My library is awesome if they don’t have it they link to the other libraries in the area and maybe could get it.

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unfortunately this one is spoken in Dutch..which you could most likely search and find subtitles for.
You should definitely learn how to use and download torrents if you plan to watch this movie more than once. It’s as easy as downloading a client to handle everything, searching torrent sites for what your looking for, and opening a port on your firewall to let all the little bits and pieces come and go. Seeders are people who have either uploaded the movie themselves or have downloaded it fully and are sharing it still. leachers are people who are trying to download it. more seeders means faster download. Good Luck.
ps. i use uTorrent as client and Pirate Bay for searching. TPB! argg!

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