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How influenced are you by marketing tactics?

Asked by DeezerQueue (2017points) March 23rd, 2008

When I was in the States again last year there were a phenomenal amount of ads for pharmaceuticals in particular. The question is not, however, limited to those types of ads. Did you actually show enough interest to purchase a product you might not otherwise have, based on the marketing tactics used? Have you, as an example, had a few times when you didn’t have an erection, not many, but just had a few, and then after seeing that there was medication for it, actually go to your doctor asking for the medication, believing that it was necessary to never have an erectile issue?

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In college I took a class or two on media literacy and the ways in which people are influenced by the media. So I consider myself a little more aware than the average person about the ways I’m influenced by ads and other media products. I’m always a little dissappointed when I find myself being influenced.

For instance, once I saw a video on MTV and liked the song, so I went and bought the album. I hated it at first. I was disgusted with myself.

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Everyone is affected by marketing tactics, even if they do not notice. All of these ideas are beat into our heads, day after day. What the companies want you to do is subconciously remember their product, making you much more inclined to buy it.

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Whether you are aware or not, everyone who owns a tv, reads magazines, or gets online is influenced by advertising to some degree. One of the largest advertising measures is awareness. How aware are you of one product over another? When you get to the shelf at a store, how else would you know to purchase Tide with
Downey vs. All with stain fighting alternative?

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When my daughter was small, she used to ask for everything she saw on TV. I told her not to believe the ads she saw because they were only trying to sell their product. But I have to admit there have been times I decided to try something because of it’s advertising myself.
I have to add that I have never asked my doctor for a medicine because of it’s advertising tho. The list of side effects is usually worse than the symptom you are treating!

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I’m going to be very honest and blunt with you: everytime I see a shiny new piece of electronic junk, or hot girls, or an Apple logo, I consider buying the product.

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I’m terribly affected, far more than I’d like to. Though I’m affected by tradional advertising, word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly effective for me, I really can get overly enthusiastic for something because someone else is. The worst example of this is the first and last Apple product I ever bought, my iPod Nano, which I really regret now.

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so much of advertising today is so entertaining people dont notice that they are trying to be bought.

but thats our job as advertisers; get the knowledge out there and make a product memorable even in those sticky situations


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