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Which Greek or Roman god/goddess would you like to be?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20076points) August 9th, 2010

Do the characteristics of any Greek or Roman god/goddess apply to your personality too?

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Athena, and I would like to think some traits associated with her are ones that I share.
She’s always been my favorite, ever since I was a kid.

I mean, I named my dog Athena when I was eight.

<—Freaking nerd much?

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I never identified with the gods. I always preferred the humans who overcame the obstacles thrown at them by the gods.

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I am Eros. The creative urge of ever flowing nature, the firstborn light for the coming into being and ordering of all things in the cosmos.

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Well I like apples, so I could be like Diana, she stopped for the golden ones, only she was she and I am he. As Perseus Liked mirrors so Gorgon Medusa could not “stone” him, riding winged horses and going to sea in a box. That sounds Just like me.

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I would be Thor’s brother the mighty Greek God Thong!

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@Cruiser hee hee Thanks for the morning chuckle. Your funny. I would be Aphrodite.

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I’m going to have to go with Venus.yes,that’s right ;)

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Are you kidding? Iuppiter Optimus Maximus (Jupiter) of course!

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I’ll take Artemis. She wasn’t bound by the gender stereotype of the day, like Hera, Persephone, and Aphrodite were. Artemis was free to make friends with men, and run around hunting all day. Sounds like fun.

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I dig Mercury.

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I, too, am Athena – that is my witch name, as well (from when I used to practice witchcraft).

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I was going to say Atlas, because of the amount of people I support regularly, but then I remembered that he was a Titan, not a god.

It’s a good thing for them that I won’t be shrugging any time soon anyway.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir, your existence turns me on

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Get a private chat room you two!

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I’d like to be Apollo, I think, and charge around the sky in a fiery chariot. He was also a musician, which is appropriate (I didn’t know this until I looked him up just now).

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Dionysus, its all about the wine.

Hermes would be a close second, as I like to get where I am going…

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I’ve always wanted to be Hermes. I sort of had/have a crush on the idea of him. I mean what’s not to like about Hermes, right? I mean three of his offspring were Eros the god of love, Tyche the godess of prosperity of ”fortuna” and Pan the god of nature, shepards, and flocks. Which two of them are also some on my favorite Greek gods and Tyche is one of my favorite godesses aswell.

I know, I’m a nerd. :P

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I meant or ”fortuna

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Vulcan, I guess, both for the name (I’m Trekkie Lite) and because I presently entertain an interest in blacksmithing.

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