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What yoga exercises are good for your knees?

Asked by Steve_A (5120points) August 9th, 2010

Or other ideas are welcome, but I once remember someone saying yoga will “save your knees”, what do you suggest for someone who has never done yoga?

I can’t afford to do yoga lessons so not looking for that.

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Hero’s pose, pigeon, warrior I, II or III, chair pose and I would also work your hips to help maintain a strong lower body to help engage more muscles in the legs to help take stress off your knees.

Do butterfly to loosen the hip sockets and some seated forward bends to lengthen the ham strings and lower back muscles.

Yoga Journal is a great resource for questions like this and finding poses. Just warm up with gentle stretches first and do not ignore the rest of your body too as bringing “balance” to your body will help your knees just as much if not more than a focused approach to just the knees!

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@Cruiser You realize I have no clue what those poses are right? :D

also guessing you do yoga…how long did it take before you notice the benefits or able to do the poses?

This is true the body as whole needs to be balanced. My left knee is taking to some much pressure because my right weak knee…..I actually have like a kink/pop in my left knee because I compensate so much for it. Not good…...

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@Steve_A Follow the link to Yoga Journal I gave you and look them up. Just do each one for about a minute each and do them 3 times each to start. Do them gently and breathe into them as in inhale then slowly exhale as you go into the pose and again start easy and just get comfortable with the pose and gradually go deeper into it as you build up your strength. You should feel all the muscles in your legs engaging as you do these poses. Do them in front of a mirror and check your alignment if you can. I would do them 3 x’s a week for at least 3 weeks before expecting to see or feel any type of result. The big payoff comes when your whole lower body begins to engage and becomes a stronger cohesive “unit” that works with your knees and helps to provide additional support that you may be lacking right now.

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@Cruiser That is great thank you very much!

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