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Which Industries are the most profitable?

Asked by albert_e (529points) August 9th, 2010

Which industry/business, in general, has the highest profit margins?

Which industry/business, in general, has the highest turnovers?

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I’d say the sex industry, on both counts.

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If we consider only legal industries, the one with the highest average profit margin has been the financial industry—except for the last couple of years, in which it posted massive losses. Number two would be the energy sector.

The most profitable illegal industries are drugs, arms and human trafficking.

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Banking and insurance.

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Packaged software is highly profitable

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Putting B-P aside, I should think the Big Oil companies make out pretty well.

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As my business process teacher used to say; “Drogen, Waffen, Puff” (drugs, weapons, brothel)

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Sex industry, drug trade? Not sure, guessing. I’d trust austinlad before I’d trust what I say!

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@Seek_Kolinahr and @bob_ nailed it.

Also, sometime back there was a big to-do about egregious price fixing of US breakfast cereals. I guess it was (and probably still is) the highest % profit margin item in a supermarket. There was a big backlash for a while. I still second guess buying cereal.

Anything shelved next to a loss-leader (like a 12-pack of Coke at cost – itself an egregious high profit margin item, if at retail) is because the ancillary items right next to them are high profit margin items, like chips.

Arizona Iced Tea caused a fuss in the industry because they printed on their 23oz cans $.99 so that markets and convenience stores were losing face for selling them at almost twice the cost. I’m a big fan of Arizona Iced Tea for that one.

I wonder how profitable auto dealerships are too. Those rat bastards.

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Here is a simple list for the highest profitable industries The industries with the highest turnover rates are the Accommodation and Food Services sector. The second highest turnover industries are the Leisure and Hospitality sector.

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BPOs are here to stay. According to Nitin Walia, “India is no longer known as land of Elephants and Snakes but the
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