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Is the United States a monoculture or multiculture?

Asked by DeezerQueue (2017points) March 23rd, 2008

I’m also addressing the issue at state levels, the United States, inclusive.

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I think we are a multi-cullture because for the most part we are accepting of each others ideas, beliefs and lifestyles. There are many cultures where by law you must adhere to the same religious beliefs and strict daily parctices.

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The US definitely is a multicultural country, with one culture reigning supreme.

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Definitely multi we are a melting pot or a salad bowl remember last weeks discussion.

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We are multi-cultural. Some parts of it are apparently very bitter about others.
W pluibus unum. Out of many-one.

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I moved to New Jersey a few years ago, and was amazed by how many different cultures are here. It wasn’t as evident to me in Ohio or Florida.

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@trainerboy; good answer but our motto is
E Pluribus Unum.

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Miss type there. Sometimes I type, send, then read. Thanks.

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Is it possible to type, read and then send? Or can’t you do that on an iPhone?

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Yes it is possible on my PC which I use. I just don’t always do it.

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@Trainer: I suspect, and I may be wrong, that the clearer the question, the better the answer. As we have said many times, we are neither a chatroom nor Yahoo..Many fluthers hate some of my questions, but they seem to understand what I am asking. Of course, I have been writing for decades. That certainly helps. Do you know anything about cats?

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Not sure what that response has to do with my typo but ok. I am a dog person, and don’t know much about cats.

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Just moving on to a more critical topic, for me, and trying to be friendly.

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Thanks to all for your answers, so far. I’m asking because I’m an American who’s living in the Netherlands, which likes to think that it’s multicultural. However, I don’t really see any evidence of it. It seems to be a monoculture with subcultures. It is very hegemonic and at ever turn one is met with how to do this or that, according to the predominant culture. These are, to me, signals that the concept of a multiculture truly doesn’t exist here.

I’m not sure at the federal level if the issue of language is raised, but I believe that some states have moved towards being, if not already, bilingual. I also recall celebrating, with great fervor I might add, other certain holidays or cultural events that were from foreign cultures, for example, Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day. I also know that the Dutch celebrate en masse Queen’s Day over there, donning bright orange clothing, and I’ve never heard reported that Americans had any kind of problem with it. If I were to have a Fourth of July parade here, I would probably be shot between the eyes.

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That is a great explanation for your question, from my perspective anyway. I believe we are working to embrace some elelments of mulit-cultures, but there is some resistance to some of it..
I lived in Mexico for some years and it is very mono-cultural from my perspective, and with no pretense of being any other way, so in comparison, I would say the USA is very multiculture.

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This is a question of intent.

Does my statement above sound whiny in any way? Do I sound like I believe I am severely disadvantaged? Do I come across as bitter about the American society?

If so, I am completely open to the wisdom of the Fluther.

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You do sound whiny, but not sure what you mean by disadvantaged. You may think you are, but believe it or not, I still believe that in this country, more than any other, where there is an obstacle, there is an opportunity as well.
Instead of complaining about others, or wishing they would change, see where you want to go.
Yes, to me anyway , you do seem bitter about American society by your statement above.
Just my opinion. Others may not see it that way.

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I don’t think that squirbel sounds whiny in their response. I’m glad that there’s the voice of someone who may be an immigrant. I believe there is a difference in how we see ourselves and how others experience us and maybe the reality lies somewhere between the two.

If squirbel has had a hostile or unwelcoming experience, then I think that reflects upon how we should be seeing ourselves. If their experience remotely reflects mine then squirbel has had a difficult time, simply by virtue of the fact that they’re somewhat different than what’s considered acceptable or common practice in various aspects of their life. If the majority of immigrants experience this, then I think as Americans, we need to re-examine and re-evaluate what the immigrant brings and offers to their new country.

There are a lot of factors involved in the process of integrating into a new society, but shedding one’s cultural skin shouldn’t be among them.

Are we asking our immigrants to do that? If so, can we really claim that we’re multicultural?

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Squirbel, I don’t think your statment was whiny either.

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@trainerboy, DeezerQueue, scamp

Thanks for your input~

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You are welcome!

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I would have said multi-cultural in the past, but I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. One of the most glaring signs of homogenosity (?, sorry) is in retail – if I pass a mall or strip mall, I can’t tell where I am because it looks like every other strip mall in the country. Same stores, same layout, same architecture. The Wall-Marts, Petsmarts, and Barnes & Nobles are effectively driving small, independant stores out of business. I especially mourn the loss of independant book stores.

It seems like everyone buys the same things, watches the same tv, has the same lack of cell phone use ettiquette, and uses the same slang.

(I do apologize, I cannot spell check on this machine.)

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