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Does anyone know of good, dog-friendly TENT camping near Denver, CO?

Asked by RobotGirlfriend (44points) August 9th, 2010

I need a place where we can camp with 8–10 people and 3 dogs. We’d like to feel a little bit secluded, and be able to let the dogs run around a little(I really just don’t want to be able to throw a rock and hit the next campsite), but maybe still have restrooms somewhere? I can settle for just one of these two opposing requests. I’d also like scenic hiking trails and maybe some mountain biking, a body of water would be AWESOME. We’re not backpacking, so we do need to be able to drive up!

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How far out of Denver are you willing to go?

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Sorry, that’s important, isn’t it? I’d like to stay within 2 hours if possible, but if it’s a beautiful, secluded place that’s further, I’d still like to hear about it!

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Where are you coming from, specifically?

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Denver, Colorado. If you can get there from any point in Denver, Colorado within a couple of hours, assume that it is fine. I’d rather not be more specific about where my home is, but don’t err on the side of caution- If you know of a great campground, and aren’t positive whether I’m willing to drive there this month, I’d still really like to know about it for future reference! Thanks!

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Are you looking to go for free or not?

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I’d probably go with Winter Park, Grand Lake, Estes Park, Breckenridge, or Vail. But you can’t really get to any of those from any point in Denver because Denver is so spread out.

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Mueller State Park is beautiful – right at the edge of your driving limit. South of Divide on 67. They allow dogs, but not to run loose and not on the trails. Another place is Eleven Mile Canyon just south of Lake George on 24 – again, dogs can’t run loose. Both are incredibly beautiful.

YARNLADY's avatar has three listings, Two in Golden, and one in Castle Rock, which would be my recommendation. Also see Chatfield State Park in Littleton, and further out, St Vrain State Park in Longmont.

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