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Anniversary dinner ideas?

Asked by goose756 (655points) August 9th, 2010

My girlfriend and I will have been together for 2 years next week. I was planning on taking her out for a nice dinner somewhere, however recent car trouble has left me with a less than desirable amount of cash :(

So I was thinking I would make dinner for her instead, but I don’t want it to be just like any other dinner that I’ve made. I need something to make that will be out of the ordinary, nothing too simple. Looking for any ideas you guys might be able to suggest. Thanks!!!

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Magnificent Moroccan Chicken with some cous-cous for a side dish.

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What does she like to eat? Meat, chicken, fish, veegan? Where will this meal be served?

If what you want is an all romance meal….make something that can be shared where you feed her a morsel and visa versa…finger food makes for some fun romantic eating!

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Watch 9½ weeks for ideas ;)

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My favorite standby…can make it work on a budget or go all out while you stay in.

Throw an indoor, or outdoor ( moonlight ) picnic.

Cheese, crackers, olives, salami, breads, dips, strawberries, chocolate and champagne!

Nice backround music, mood lighting scene, candles, a spread on the floor, or bamboo beach mats.

Or, if you have a yard with some measure of ambience take it outdoors under the stars.

Meteor activity this week with the Persieds too!

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A lovely summer meal would be sauteed softshell crabs, corn on the cob, oven-raosted asparagus.

For dessert, get small cakes or mousse cups from Whole Foods.

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chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert!

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and no matter what you cook, dim the lights, light some candles and play music that she likes in the background…that will make it feel extra special.

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Make Shrimp scampi…. and garlic bread. Give her one ONE red rose.
and for desert feed each other some chocolate pudding by candle light. Snuggle on the couch

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Let me add just one thing to @Coloma wonderful ideas, strips of fresh vegetables for the dip.

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I’m all for what @Coloma suggested.

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lobster…..cheese and crackers
salad or surf and turf
those strawberries chocolate and candles

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